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MDG: Matrix Defense Gauntlet[$1.00]

A topic by Negastar created Apr 16, 2018 Views: 1,057 Replies: 2
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Are you up to the challenge?

MDG is a top-down arcade defense shooter that puts you in control-- not of the ship, but DiGTS, the orbiting gun protecting it!

Controls are simple, just click and drag your mouse/finger around the ship to rotate DiGTS! Use Backspace/Back button to toggle pause,  and Escape to exit!

The blue bar is your DiGTS level, and red is your ship's shields.

DiGTS lv. 2

Get it here:


You forgot linking to the game page. :)

It's there... it's the Windows Version link. I screwed up while making the post, and the links wound up between the screenshots lol