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Ever wonder what it would be like to make your own PC game? Or maybe you're already into game or app dev, and you'd like to get your name out there? This is the jam for you! So let's break out those PCs and laptops, and join the Quad Cities in a game jam!

Grab some software!

  • You can find suggestions for programs in the forums, and here's a few from the QC indie game developers page on Facebook to get things started:

Get some friends, or go it alone!

  • All ages are welcome to participate!
  • You can have teams of up to four!

The theme for this jam is 1980s to1990s Arcade!

  • Shooters, platformers, anything you'd see in
  • the video arcades in that time period!
  • Couch co-op or singleplayer
  • can be 2d or early 3D

Now that we've covered the basics for the jam, let's cover the ground rules:

  • No hate speech
  • No NSFW content
  • Be respectful toward one another in the comments
  • If you use assets not made by your team, give credit to the developer
  • Games made for the jam are to be free, so everyone can try them.

That being said, get out there and have some fun!

Submissions are due on September 12th, so let's have some fun, and get creative!


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A fun mash up of Tetris and Space Invaders!
Asteroids remake, with a spin, created for the Quad Cities Indie Arcade Jam.
Join Froggy on a wonderful adventure!
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