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Loved the visuals. Actually found me killing myself just to see the death animation again :)

Very nice concept and game! Loved how you even implemented a small story!

Fun game! Really good physics!

Really Fun game, its not to hard but still challanging (always ended up behind the goal xd)

Nice game! Cant stop playing it, its really addicting

I loved how you used the art and got a bit hyped for this game but sadly I ended up dropping trough the floor :(

Extremly intresting how you used the theme! Very satisfying combat! Good Job

That was unexpected but cool

Nice, really cool implementation of the theme

Nice game, love the music and speedlines, that really produce tension

Did I missed something? Cause I have absolutly no idea what to do in the second level

Very cool gameplay idea!

It is really cool!

Nice one! I played the version over your dashboard and it made fun!

I am an epic gamer with a highscore of 547 meters! Cool game! What software did you use for the art?

Really cool game! One thing I wonder about as a Godot Dev, too, is how did you made this line which is drawn behind the character digging?

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I am now an EPIC GAMER with a highscore of 110!

i am addicted to this game now :)