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Aleksandr Nariadchikov

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Hey mate, we've updated the project with the ending!

Check out controls and instruction now:)

Thanks, mate:)

Thanks ♡

Thank you, mate! The ending will come in December:)

Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it!

Yeah, 'glitchy' is even to soft word for it, hehe...

Will check your game out!

Hello, mate!

Thank you for playing:) 

Yeah, both of your thoughts are right, the game is incomplete in the first place and in the second, yeah, the voice overs should provide another story compared with real in-game actions.

Would check your game as well!

The game is really fascinating and simple (in good way of saying it), I've enjoyed listening voiceovers and killing 'unkillable' green creatures. It would be great to have dialogue/cut scene skipping, so you won't listen for the same lines over and over again:)

Yeah... You have noticed that right. It is our first jam with that team (for me just first), so we have underestimated everything and unfortunately haven't got time to proper play testing. That is a great lesson for future jams and projects, so overall we have enjoyed the process!

Speaking about submitting 3 minutes before it is another story to tell, ahahah. We were looking at upload bar with whole team as well as at timer on jam's landing page!

Thanks for feedback and playing:) I will definitely check your game out!

Thanks for the feedback, mate! We are going to rework that control system as well as adding all voiceovers with proper volume and etc!

I am sorry, that you got stuck :(

Thanks for the feedback and playing, friend!

Sorry, that you haven't managed to progress further. Hopefully, we are going to rework controls and collisions!

3rd person controller is a good suggestion, we will consider that:) 

Thanks for playing and giving feedback, mate!

Yeah, we underestimated whole picture... But we made conclusions for future projects, so it was a good lesson!And, of course, we are going to polish everything and add all voices in a proper way:) Thank you for the feedback!

Thanks for playing, mate! 

Yeah, we were in hurry before Jam ends, so some splines for running were put not in the proper way, unfortunately :( 

The main idea is that speaker is telling not the same as the actual picture. So "I was the fastest fox" corresponds with that running function, he can't run fast for long time period.

And as you see we didn't manage to upload all dialogues as well as some volume corrections, 7 days weren't enough :(

We are going to fix everything and add all content in several weeks, so you can replay it afterwords!