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I love these, but I wish there was also a gltf export.

Sometimes the AI got stuck behind walls but other than that it was a fun game.

Cute and fun game! Really good job!

One of the few games that I did not want to stop playing. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD, great work dude!

AMAZING. Nuff said! 

THAT WAS JUST TOOOO COOL. OMG. I like the AI visualization, such a neat and fun idea 11/10 would play again!

TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HARD I don't know what I was doing but damn was that beautiful and more fun than any AAA title ever. Like that was so good, granted, no clue in the world what I was doing but the sounds, the colors, everything else was amazing!

Never mind, I read the instructions, a really fun game, I like the music and sounds, really well done and I was shocked to find out this was your first game. Really good job!

I did not rate the game yet, I don't know how to start the game, I'm just stuck in the large room with a skull and chest :( what do I do next? I want to try it looks so interesting!

That was a cute game, maybe some more sound effects and reloading indicators would be nice, more enemies would also be appreciated!

Oh my, thank you! Which level is the bright pink on, or is it on all of them, and what platform did you use, windows, mac, web?

THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN. I really liked the upgrades. I wish there were more sound effects and also I got stuck in the floor after the 3rd level which really made me sad. Other than that, amazing!

THAT WAS AMAZING. This game actually made me think.

THAT WAS SO COOl. TBH I had no clue what I was doing for like 4 minutes but after a bit, I can see how that would be addictive, I wish there was more impact when creatures died, like maybe a noise, or I would lose some money if a creature died would have been a nice touch.

Really liked the art, but some levels were just hard for me. :(

THAT WAS SO FUN. I liked the music, controls, graphics, it was all so wholesome and weird at the same time. I have nothing bad to say tbh.

I got 280. Cool game tho!

That was really cool!

That was really cool, I wish there was audio for coin pick-up and enemy spawns, would have been a lot cooler with that imo, but overall, visually, really well done!

That was intersting. It was kinda slow in my opinion, I really liked the floating bad guys that came to me while destroying each tower. Made the game more action-packed and alive. Otherwise, I was just waiting. But overall really polished.

I hope you like it 🤞

OMG, I am so incredibly sorry, thank you so much for pointing that out.  I have fixed the files, sorry for the inconvenience.😭

I like how to game quits or closes if you spam text, that caught me off guard, would be better with some instructions tho.

About Me:

Hello, so I put this little game together in the Godot Game Engine a while back but never got around to finishing that last 90% polish. Since it is New Year's Day while I am typing this, I decided to finish my game (wow). Any feedback would be appreciated as this is my first major game release. 

About the Game:

This game has 40 levels, about 1/2 to 2 hours, depending on how easily you pick up on easy movements (every enemy has a unique movement pattern). If you ever want a rage / mind-bending game try this, and if you hate it, let me know in the comments.  Other than that, enjoy the game and try to escape the lab. :)


I really liked it omg, it was really original and had a good amount of effects, I like the heat distortion effects, really nice. Also, the sounds were good. Like others have said, it is hard to understand, the newspaper didn't tell me much, it only gave me hints, like water your plants, but didn't know they were heaters. Also, why is there a limit on the water can, seems kinda unfair b.c you need to plant 1 seed but water it twice, and since you can plant 3 seeds it means you must water it 6 times, going back once to put it down and fill up the can, just a petty thing. Overall, I really liked the game, please develop it further, I can definitely see some sort of radioactive meteorites or some other hazards if you chose to develop it, and then maybe some leaded plants to block the radiation?. Good Job 6/5!!

It is a cute game, very nice, the sounds were a bit off like some noises were too loud while the speech (which I really liked) was a bit too quiet. Overall, I like the game, cute and simple!

I think you need to set your width and height manually for the game in the page's setting's for it to work on the web.

WOWWOWOWOO. This is really good, simple nice, hard to master and easy to pick up. Please develop it further.

WOWWOWOWOO. This is really good, simple nice, hard to master and easy to pick up. Please develop it further.

omg, this is amazing. I'm actually speechless rn. GOOD JOB!!!!!!!

Be careful, Out of Ammo is already a game name :(

I like it, this might have some potential. Maybe polish up the movement and perhaps add a story. Music is really nice (would work amazing with some story imo).

Remember this is my opinion, take it with a grain of salt.