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all of the assets (sounds, music, art, code) must be created during the jam, but I'm sure fonts are allowed

you can't, according to the video on BTP's channel, all assets must be created in the one week period of the jam

according to the video on BTP's channel, everything must be created in the one week period of the jam, so no

game jams like this are a great experience for devs at all levels.

Finish a game? great

Don't finish? no problem, just think of everything you learned, and try again in another jam

a lot of these answers point towards the terms and agreements, but you do not have to submit to participate, so any age is welcome

you can use whatever language or engine you want, just make sure you aren't like pirating game maker studio 2

thanks for the feedback!

done :)


much easier than typing everything out :)


Q: Can I...?


brackeys has a video on the subject

thanks for the feedback!

I had 0 time to do do any of that, as I wayyyy overscoped. Thanks for playing!

sick, make sure to link my channel



beautiful art you have there

wow y'all are talented artists,  I went 3D for this jam, and well, a video is really just a bunch of still frames soooooooo


Only one person submits, and everyone else is added as a contributor to the project, there is a setting when you go to create the game in

I made a video for the game I'm making for the jam, and will be making another one in a couple weeks......sooooooooo like and subscribe, and post your devlogs down below so we can all watch them :D


sounds interesting!

drink plenty of water as well! good luck to you guys with your game (if you're entering)

you can check out the progress of my game on my channel :)

I've never played doom so I wouldn't get that reference :)

you can check out the progress of my game on my channel :)

good luck!

haha yes, superhot's success inspired me to take on this challenge, make sure to subscribe to my channel to follow the game's progress!

you can use any pre-made assets you have the legal right to use



great idea!

of course they will, these theme is very constrained, a lot of people aren't going to get super creative ideas (which is ok)

good luck!

sounds cool! Good luck!

yes of course, I kind of meant that as a joke, my game will of course be based on the theme, I'm just saying I'm going to work on it post jam, and upload devlogs to my channel  :)

interesting! Look forward to seeing this!

awesome! Look forward to seeing this!

I agree with sleeping on it, I have a massive list of ideas, and am going to spend tomorrow planning some more