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Hello Potion Seller. I am going into battle, and I need your strongest potions.

Certainly interesting, and the artstyle is really good, but i think the player should have to place the tetris pieces. Also, mouse sensitivity is way up.

Neat little platformer! Of course, it doesn’t bring anything new to the table, but it’s kind of fun to move through an “OS” controlled by a jump’n’run character cursor.

Despite not being the most interesting puzzle game, it does everything right, that can be done right. The graphics are very fitting, the menuing feels nice, the music is relaxing and the pipes allow to be moved quick succession.

The reason why I call this type of puzzle game uninteresting is because you simply look for key placements and connect everything up to them. Not the creator’s fault, just the type of puzzle game that comes out when using this concept.

Quite the interesting and unique game you got there. Visuals are also very pleasing, but there’s nothing to tell you how long the game will go on for (losing/winning condition)

The snake fills grid concept has been done to death already, in it’s current state, I’ll not rate it very highly, although the menuing is actually well made. Needs more features, if it is developped further (like multiple snake types, multiple snakes per stage, ai snakes, different objectives, special blocks, etc)

Title is fitting, but I’d have liked it to have been more than just “conserve your brakes and don’t explode”. Maybe like some steering involved as well and a health bar for your car.

Fits the theme nicely, but the puzzles are just hitting switches.

Is the “No Escape!” Level supposed to be the end of the game?

A little buggy (once passed through another alien), but the art’s solid, and so are the puzzles. Great job.

The game has many elements, that would make an amazing game, but the lack of sounds, music and player/enemy art make it less fun to play.

Also the fact that you freeze in place every time you attack makes everyhing feel less fluent.

Probably ended up like this due to the time constraint. If this were developed further, I’d be interested, so if you do update it after the jam, let me know!

It’s not that much of a puzzle game from what i can see, the solution is always straightforward.

Also, the fact that you can’t always jump when you should be able to, makes it even more difficult to enjoy the experience. Wouldn’t be too bad if it didn’t have such bad collision detection.

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oh, right, i didn’t notice that there was a ground pound, this changes things. Also, for the post jam version, it would be neat, if the name you last entered for the scoreboards is pre-filled out.

Also, are the feint balls intended?

Also also, it would seem that the leaderboards are somewhat broken, as I set 5 times according to my pb, not to my current run.

Interesting puzzle game, even if the graphics are lacking and the animation doesn’t get cancelled whenever you try to move in quick succession.

Just a little bit too textureless to seem like an actual game, also I was hopting that there’d be more to the game than just dashing to the goal.

It would have been nice, if the game would have actually had some mechanic try to fit the theme instead of having the goal be a textureless puzzle.

Also, the point of a jigsaw puzzle is that you build a picture. Even with this, something more meaningful could have been created.

It’s a fun idea for sure, but there seems to be no way to move all boards down again, which is kind of a bummer.

Glad you liked it :)

Interesting Puzzle game, but you’re mostly looking to repeat a pattern. The Blocks that you run into solve this problem somewhat but it’s still not as puzzly as some of the other puzzle games in the jam.

Currently, it’s just an endless wave game. I’m not sure that the premise (moving with one character to shoot with the other) would even make for that good of a game, because, as i see it, you are encouraged to use the controls to shoot normally. (maybe more interactions between the two players / different player abilities), that would certainly be interesting to play.

Interesting concept, but the orbs connected seem to drag on a bit too much.

Fits the theme, but isn’t all too interesting, as the gameplay is just positioning some nodes.

Great visuals, great concept, and somewhat fun to play. only somewhat because it isn’t as actionpacked as it could be, Super Crate Box (Vlambeer, Steam) would be a great example for what kinds of things this game is missing.

The game is quite difficult, and very innovative, and even the artstyle is nice but i don’t see anything that makes the game interesting to play.

The main menu screen looked so good, but I seemed to encounter some game breaking bug, so I couldn’t play the game further. Would’ve liked to see what the game was supposed to be like.

This seems like more of an experimental game, so it’s not directly fun to play, but it sure is innovative. Also, props for the main menu’s look. It’s hard to make a proper cell simulation in 48 hours, and to make it a good game at the same time would be even harder.

I actually like the idea of the game.

The first visual glance tells you that the game is really polished, when you start to play it your suspicions just get confirmed.

I really didn’t expect to see such an amazing project, when i started participating.

The movement is kinda weird, but I haven’t encountered any bugs. The checkpoint system also works well, but I’d prefer to see respawn points as nodes, that you can collect.

Full 5 Star rating in all departments, great job.

Like many of the games, that I’ve seen, very innovative. Sadly, there’s no sounds, but the artstyle is great, despite looking like it was made in microsoft paint. It’s also a bit annoying that you can’t aim that well, but I’d like to see a more polished version of this.

The intro drags on too long, instead, the description or an “instructions” button would have sufficed.

The game is not that bad, quite original for the theme of the jam.

Some visual indicators should be stronger, such as a clearer definition of the start and end area, as I was really trying to avoid the long-winded tutorial. Still figured out how it works though, and in the end it wasn’t even that bad. Despite stating that “the AI are kinda bad”, this part is actually well-made. Even the art was decently polished.

Just a few details that dragged the game experience down.

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The concept itself isn’t that uninteresting, it is indeed very unique, and not in a bad way. But the art is practically non-existent. And when you see the title screen breaking down, if you don’t go fullscreen, you just know, that the game wasn’t that polished.

It is indeed important to have a solid game mechanic, but if everything around it is forgotten, the game that you get isn’t enjoyable, either.

Previously I said that you didn’t tell us the controls, but they are actually in the description, so I rerated it.

Good Game, great art, but a platformer on its own isn’t that interesting, even with the “build-your-own-level” feature, because I’ve seen this type of game on armor games etc like two or three times already.

The diverse level themes are refreshing, though.

A really great puzzle game with lots of diverse levels, just when you think you’ve got the jist of the game, it throws a new twist at you, and despite having only a few mechanics, you get so much out of it.

From a design perspective, it’s really simplistic looking, but that’s not a bad thing, it adds to the experience.

Only negative is, that the browser version didn’t work.

It also is astonishing how many high quality levels one can make in such a short time.

Good job :)

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The artstyle looks great, the concept, although a little hard to grasp works well with all the features, and otherwise a fun experience.

But the platforming could have been a little bit more lenient and the switches should have been introduced in an earlier stage, as they really made the game come together.

Also, the switching mechanic had you waiting when you were still trying to move up. Having control over switching players (but not over shot intervals) could have made it just as good as of an idea as it really was.

The lack of sound was a real bummer, as just some jump/shot sounds and a music track would’ve enhanced the experience.