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Thanks for the feedback! I agree we should've given a bit more tips and information (and a minimap) to the player, but we ran out of time. In case you still want to try the whole game: you can find the next upgrade in the lower right part of the map.

Thank you for the compliments and the feedback! The graphics were indeed all made by one of us. Most of the things you mentioned were features we wanted to implement anyway if we'd had more time, but the rest of your feedback is very helpful!

Had a lot of fun with this, I'm amazed that you could do all this in a week. Also I tried to LGIO it and as a result I can tell you: milling 6500 wheat makes it lag at some point lol

I struggled there too, but I figured it out: advance to the next day. then it will be pickable

I like the concept. I don't know if I played it correctly, but it was very hard to shoot anyone in time or have the time to look at the upgrades before new enemies spawned. Also, I don't really understand where the money comes from. Other than that, it's pretty fun!

Played it a couple times because it was so much fun! There was a small audio bug when opening one of the building menus sometimes, butother than that I liked it a lot!

Thank you for the kind words! A link to the updated version is in the description as of now

The click simply didn't work, so the fish didn't spawn but it didn't cost anything either

Nice, especially the cannonball splash. The enemies were a bit too good at shooting though, haha

The glow is pretty neat

The dialogue is amazing, I do think the minigames were a bit hard to understand at first.

The music and art were very aesthetically pleasing!

It's very satisfying and well-made. I encountered a bug that wouldn't let me get the middle fish though, but it was still playable. I do wonder, how is the fish's movement determined?

It's hilarious and fun, and I liked the fact that the pun in the main screen changes everytime you restart!

The art looks amazing, unfortunately I can't say much about the rest because I didn't get very far

It looks awesome, and is very fun to play. The movement is a bit jittery, but other than that it's fantastic. In case anyone was wondering, you can get up here :)

It's a pretty fun minigame, the big fish was a bit hard to hook sometimes but overall it's good!

the water was kinda trippy and I couldn't open my inventory, but I like the style

We're aware of the money bug, unfortunately we ran out of time to fix it. Hopefully you like the other features of the game!

this is great, I hope to see more of it!

It looks great! Just needs a bit more balance

The concept is great and it looks good, it's just a shame that you don't really have to do much... But I'll definitely play it again if there would be a version that is more interactive

Super enjoyable!

It looks amazing! a bit of feedback: if you die during the toolkit minigame, you can't go back to the main menu. I guess the button isn't working. But I'll definitely play it again

pretty fun, but is it possible to free the other elephants? I tried but I think I'm not doing it right

That was great! I'm pretty bad at it but had a lot of fun!

Really nice! I especially loved when it rotated

This is great, wow! I loved all the animations and chaos, I only have one question: is the leaderboard time the time you have left when you've defeated the others? not that I've been able to so far, but still...

Thank you! Some of the mechanics were indeed a little iffy, but most of it is fixed in the new version linked in the description ;)

No matter which room, sometimes I just couldn't stab and I died because of the humans touching me (or rather, me walking into them)

it started off a bit slow but eventually it became hell... I loved it

I like it, even though stabbing doesn't always work, but it's really funny

It fits the theme greatly, but the boxes barely moved on the conveyor belt so it took forever haha

I enjoyed this game the most yet

the puzzles aren't too challenging, but the visuals and mechanics are great!

the puzzles aren't too challenging, but the visuals and mechanics are great!

the cursor and gun aiming is a bit off, but otherwise pretty neat!