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Thank you!

wow! Thanks)

Thanks for feedback and sorry for the motion blur! I've added it in last minutes and didn't properly tested it((

Fun game! Love the controls, feels like you control real kayak. Also very "relaxing" indeed :D


Yeah, there is seems to be an issue with latest macos changes. Try launching it through app, it should work.

Simple, yet addictive) Love cute and polished graphics. Really enjoyed it!

Thank you! :)

Thanks! Yeah, this water is from GTA VC :D

Thank you for your feedback! I agree, the ending was kind of abrupt(

Nice, 99 points! That's a new record) 😃

Thanks for playing!)

Thank you for playing! You need to aim for an asteroid and press right mouse button to capture it. As soon as your beam turn green, you'll start analyzing it. It will take some time, depending on size of an asteroid. At the end of analysis, it will show how many diamonds you'll collect from it. Just press middle mouse button while you are attached to meteorite to collect them.

Thank you! And yes, it's a bug. When you collide with enemy sometimes you get stuck.  You can always catch flying meteorite and pull it to squash enemy and free yourself)

Fits the theme very well! Awsome game)

Reminds me of sokoban but with a twist!) Very interesting game)

Thank you! Glad you like it :D

Thank you for playing!)

Nice and fun game! Love the way you introduced mechanics to the player, especially in teleport level) And I wish there were more levels :D

Nice, love this fun game! Music and art are amazing)

Thank you! ☺️

Thank you for your feedback! I agree, I should have lowered HP of enemies) 

Well done if you managed to pass through them! But actually you supposed to shoot them :D


Thank you! This level was was designed  to teach players that they can use their gun not only for movement)