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so uh.. im getting this (ubuntu mate 20.04)

click on what?.... aand i go to do a screen shot to prove that it wont work.. and guess what it does?... it friggen works -_- i guess ive had some OS updates thats fixed it or something

linux version: doesnt even try to work
windows version: commits crimes and has to close (something about illegal operations)

yeah.. did that it didnt do anything, 

silly question, but, where would i enter my name in right at the beginning? all i see is [done] and nowhere to type (ubuntu mate 20.04)

a pretty basic one tbh, ubuntu 18.04

running it from terminal worked, this distro allows me to browse to a folder then right click "open in terminal" then i can run  it from there

that command is the same as right clicking and going into properties and allowing to run as program in there.. right? if so, no dice, still asking what to run it with/from.. but nvm, i have a version of wine that actually works now

nope you lost me lol but, i installed Lutris, and that allowed me to install a version of wine that actually worked

nope, no dice, its asking for a program to run the .sh file with -_-

"windows and linux version" requires wine to use in linux, this does not make it a version for linux

you can get "wine" for mac, it allows you to run windows stuff on linux and mac

was the game removed? o_O

hold right click then use scroll wheel to select the fishing rod, walk to the end of the dock and hold right click to get the rod out, then left click and wait

im using Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) and all games i have tried in Linux that require mouse aim the mouse sensitivity is either far too fast or far too slow, so can we get a mouse sensitivity slider in the itch settings so we can adjust it in game and not have to tab out and mess with the system settings to get the game setup correctly?

not sure if this counts as a bug, but, last version for linux and mac was 28 days ago, newest one for windows was 6 days ago... current linux version also wont load past the create game screen even on "fastest" gfx setting, it just crashes

at least you can get past the create game menu -_- i hit create game and it crashes,

but you could try dropping the gfx options down a few notches till it works

1, make a good game with plenty of stuff to do and make sure there is a save option so people can go back to it!

2, send free copys to a few youtubers, or, upload gameplay to youtube yourself and hope someone sees it (or both)

and, thats about all i have (im not a game dev, and barely a youtuber)