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Previous Version Download.....

A topic by Porthos created Jan 28, 2017 Views: 1,538 Replies: 3
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Is there any way to download previous versions? I was wondering if it is possible to get version 1.04, I have version 1.05 and it is running really slow. I just found out about this game the other day. I wanted to try it but my system only has 12gb of memory with only 2gb's of video. (I know, let the negative comments start.) I just don't understand the difference, I am able to play 7 Days to Die with no problem. Anyway, let me know.

at least you can get past the create game menu -_- i hit create game and it crashes,

but you could try dropping the gfx options down a few notches till it works

Okay thanks, I'll try that. I missed it when I just clicked the start game. I was looking in the Options, didn't realize it was at the opening menu.

Atleast u guys have good ram cuz I only hav 4 gigs and I can only use 3.82 of them