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Okay thanks, I'll try that. I missed it when I just clicked the start game. I was looking in the Options, didn't realize it was at the opening menu.

Is there any way to download previous versions? I was wondering if it is possible to get version 1.04, I have version 1.05 and it is running really slow. I just found out about this game the other day. I wanted to try it but my system only has 12gb of memory with only 2gb's of video. (I know, let the negative comments start.) I just don't understand the difference, I am able to play 7 Days to Die with no problem. Anyway, let me know.

Weather, I think a few storms would make it more interesting, some cargo netting to tie everything down? Also when breaking items down, you would get back a percentage of the materials. Maybe an occasional bird or two flying by, or landing on the raft to kill for meat? Islands or Ships in the distance that you never seem to reach that would fade over the horizon. A radio, make a battery out of salt water copper and zinc, that would be a rare item in a barrel. Once built you could hear music depending on where you are in the ocean, Hawaiian, Asian Pacific, Australia or New Zealand. You have Palms and palm fronds so that would make it in the Pacific Ocean.