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Hey guys!

I’m a composer/producer looking for a team for this jam. I love the theme, and I’m stoked to create something awesome!

Heres my soundcloud:

Reach me via Discord: Musicka#3937

Composer/Sound Designer looking for a team :) Hit me up!

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Very fun!
I enjoyed the concept, I think it stuck on theme pretty well and the gameplay kept my interest. Not hard to learn.
Only thing is the audio gets very choppy and static-y when theres too much on the screen. It did not hinder the actual gameplay, though.

All around great submission!
Wouldn't expect anything less from FireTotemGames ;)

Keep up the great work!

Hey, thank you! It’s kind of you to comment.

Hey all! Title says it all :)

Hit me up on Discord: Musicka#3937

Hi! Yeah hit me up on Discord!

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Hey all! I'm a composer, stuck at home in quarantine like the rest of us lol. Would love to join this jam! If you're in need of a composer, I'm in need of a team!
Heres my soundcloud:

You can hit me up on Discord: Musicka#3937

Great submission! Helly's consistent "..." was hilarious.

I'm also partial to Mothman. I mean, how cool is that. I want to believe so bad. Also the Blair Witch. There must be some kernal of truth in that legend.

Very fun! Great job.


hahahaha love it

Love the concept! Very cute.

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Hello friends!

My name is Brian Francis Majewski.

I'm a composer/nerd/coffee enthusiast/long lost best friend to you/indie video game freak.

Let me write the soundtrack for your project!

Check out my website:

And my YouTube:

My rates are flexible and cheap!

Email me at:

Reach me 24/7 on Discord:   Musicka#3937

Hey guys! I know its a little late but if you still are looking for a composer for this here game jam, let me know! heres my website:

Hey there friends, I'm an experienced composer looking for a team for this here jam. If you need a soundtrack, lets talk! I can be reached via discord: Musicka#3937

Here is my website:

Hi there, my name is Brian Francis. I'm a composer and a nerd looking to team up for a jam and compose the soundtrack to your next project!

Here is my website, take a look and reach out if you're interested: