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Very original and funny game. Great work!

Very well put together. Great concept with plenty of potential to be fleshed out into something bigger. Good work!

The variety of weapons was fantastic, very fun game. Great work!

Great game, loved the cute art work and the sound design. Simple but well executed concept. Good work!

Really fun. Great visuals, especially the logo. The fast paced music fits really well. Great work.

I'm glad you liked it. I LIKE BUNNIES TOO! xD

Great presentation, great music. Fun twist on tower defence. One of my favourite games in the jam. Would love to see this fleshed out into a full game with ship upgrades. Great work! 

Thank you for the detailed comment. I will check out your game. =D

I like the animation and art for the slime a lot, the game play was a bit too hard for me but the concept was great. Good work!

Fun game, i was a bit confused at first but once i figured out the controlls it was really good, the music was great too. Good work!

The hand drawn look to the visuals were really nice, great concept. Good work!

Thank you for the comment and i'm glad you liked it, my best score is 1 hit too =D

Great visuals and presentation, the little robot with the voice over was great. Really nice menus too. Great work!

Fun game, i missed how to put the lid on at first so was a little confused. Great visuals. Good work!

Great game. Loved the clean, simple visuals and everything else was top notch. Great work!

Really fun watching the beast rampage between a group of enemies. Great art work too. Great work!

Great simple presentation, the movement of the characters felt very nice and smooth. The little intro for each character was very charming. A bit too challenging for me at times, but i really liked this game overall. Great work! 

I really like the concept, and great work for a first game. =)

Great fun throwing all the objects around, good work!

I'm glad you liked it so much, thank you for the comment. =D

Very fun game, it's very satisfying when you get a group of enemies and bounce between them all real fast! Great Work.

A bit on the hard side but really great art and good fun. Good work!

Really nice effects on the rockets.  I enjoyed my time with this game. 😃

Really great game, I'd totally play this if it was a fleshed mobile game. Great work!

Thank you for the comment and tweet =D

I'm glad you liked the interactive tutorial, thanks for the comment =D

Haha that death sound is great, fun little game, good work!

Fantastic game, loved the variety of mini games and the concept overall. Great work!

Took me a little bit to figure it out, but once i did i had fun. I really like the mechanic of sliding the drone around the level, Great work!

Thank you for the comment. I will keep that in mind for the update =D

Thanks you for the in depth feedback, i will check out your game =D

Really great concept, fun little game.

I agree, if i update the game in the future i will add some kind of health system. At the minute its just try to get to the end with the least hits you can. =) 

Really great presentation, from the menus to the game page all look top notch. Fun to play aswell. Good work!

Really great concept, would like to see this fleshed out into full game, great work!

Fantastic game! I loved every part of it, especially the art, great work!

The music was fantastic and everything else was to notch, Great work!

Simple but fun game, good work! 

Thank you for the comment. Haha a few people have ended up with a bunch of enemies lined up at the end =D