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You should also add WASD controls for the character. It's a bit hard but I like the challenge

Amazing game and very apt sound effects as well! I would suggest to introduce some variation in sounds - pitch or volume could be randomised. The aiming mechanism for the projectile needs polishing. You need to simplify it and make it smoother, precise. It feels like the aiming quality of the mechanic needs improving! Great game mate, it's really satisfying when you get the jump right

Yes we have made the prototype really easy, with hopefully future updates where you can make it more challenging by choosing your difficulty level - harder difficulty has fewer blocks to use. We have also though about star ratings depending on the no.of blocks used. Thanks so much for your feedback and playing the game. I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Thank you for your feedback! We will look into it and take it into consideration for future release :) Did Blooey come first or the platforms? 👀We'll never know *spooky*

Thanks mate! I really appreciate your detailed feedback. I will try to improve on the sound design to complement the visuals better. We have taken your feedback into consideration for future release. Thanks once again :)

It was a nice game. The map is too long and arbitrary though, as I couldn't find all the things required to unlock the gate. I went over the whole forest and desert twice but couldn't find it, maybe I just missed it. The dialogues are funny lol although it would've been nice if you had bound them to finish - meaning multiple lines are not executed at once by different characters before one dialogue finishes. That would've been great. 

Good job on getting voice actors to get the job done and trying to make an ambitious game!

Nice one! I liked the simple gameplay. The music is soothing. Was I suppose to just get the leaves at the end? I went and got all the sunlights and fire hydrants connected and then did not know what to do. I think it fits the theme quite well and the art is really good. Worked very well for me in the browser

Hey man! Good job for 12 hours of work and keep attending more jams. It obviously needs a lot of work. I want to give you specific feedback related to audio - when you're recording the 'phewwwww' sound through the microphone use a pop shield or a cloth in front of the mic. It will reduce the plosives in the audio. There are a lot of clicks in the mouth sounds and the music. Hope that helps you in the future! :)

Really dig the art of the game and swirling the planets. meteors is very satisfying! The music fits well and is fun to play with!!

Thank you :) You are the second person who has told me this - I need to check out Super meat boy!! Our take on the theme is that at the beginning there is nothing in the level and you have to build your own to progress

Thank you very much :) Glad you enjoyed playing it! 

Don't get too bogged down by it! You've done a great job working alone on it. We were a team of 4 - programmer, artist, sound designer and composer - hence we got a lot done. But even our game is not perfect and there are many things we wanted to add which we couldn't. Try teaming up with people in your next jam and good luck moving forward! 

Awesome! I'll give a go again later on today. Thanks for implementing the feedback!

Oh yes it definitely should not be a rule but it has been our experience in the last 3 jams so it was kind of an unanimous decision on the difficulty level. That being said we are working on future updates and would hopefully release it keeping in some of the difficulty levels in mind. 

I think your game could've done with a tutorial or something. I really liked the art style and I was afraid to leave a feedback on your page as I did not want to come across as a noob when I couldn't get past a point lol But I enjoyed your game and especially the quirky sound effects. Again they could've done with a bit more variation. A tip - I usually create a min of 10 sound effects for each action/visual so that they don't get boring. You can have an  algorithm to randomise them in your sound manager script. 

Yes that's intentional! And it's only in level 2. Thanks for your feedback though!

This game is really nice and a bit difficult! Don't get me wrong the difficulty is not because it's hard to understand but because of the sloppy mechanic. Even with a mouse it was difficult to snap on to the prisoners and the player himself, to drag them on. The music fits the game but gets a bit repetitive. Sound effects work really well - most of them seem like they have been mouthed and have at least a couple of variations. I think the game does not fit the theme completely. 

Having said all of that it's a great game for someone who has done it in 3 days and all on their own. All of the above are just nitpicks and consider it as a positive feedback! Well done

Thanks for playing the game 🙏 I'm glad you had a great experience and thanks for noticing the sound design! 

Thank you for you kind words 🙏 I'm glad you enjoyed it

Hi, thank you for your feedback! It is very much appreciated and is something that we have thought about as well. We made the levels intentionally easier because you will find that most people skip the game if it's too hard. For example, I played your game earlier yesterday and I couldn't get past the place where the skin comes, the game mechanic was a bit hard to understand as well. I think for a game jam we should be aiming at an easy skill level (that gives me an idea to include maybe three modes in our game - easy, medium and hard) We also wanted to create a reward system for using less tiles - but only so much you can do in 7 days. I agree about the use of platforms being redundant in certain levels - it certainly needs a bit of polish there.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game and your feedback was amazing! Thank you for taking the time :)

Nice one! We used a similar concept in our game where you can build your level with building blocks. It could've done with some simple audio. Good job! Very well made game

A really profound message in the game - it's really deep. I really enjoyed the whole sequence. The art is really good and I love how you have made it simple to snap on to the constellation once you click somewhere around it. A bit of feedback would be first that some of the audio was clicking at the end - the keyboard strokes sfx. Second would be that the dialogue bubbles did not fit in the screen for Ellie during the lighthouse sequence. Other than that it's amazing! Well done

Thank you for your feedback! I am glad you loved playing it 

Yes sure. Please don't hesitate to let us know again. I have tried it on Brave, Chrome and Safari after your comment and they all seem to work fine. Thanks

I really like your game. The music is good, a chill vibe and beat going on. The sound effects though kind of get repetitive. The player still has a bit of momentum after letting go of the movement controls, which gets a bit annoying if I'm between two blades and trying not to touch one of them lol The artwork is amazing and cute - I gave you full marks for it. It just misses out a bit on audio. It captures the theme really well though. Well done and you should be proud of yourself!

Thank you for your kind words! We tried to make the game a bit easier this time as we have had feedback in the past game jams that the games our team made were too hard 😅Thanks for playing! 

I think the audio is clicking a lot while playing the game, not a pleasant feeling. Considering you started learning a week ago this game is really great in terms of what you have achieved. It can improve a lot with multiple levels - keep making it!

Hi! Sorry you are encountering this issue but I have just tested this again on our side and the game is working fine. Would you mind telling us what browser and OS you are using? Have you tried playing it on a different browser? Thanks for your feedback! 

Hey thank you for your feedback! I am glad you like the game.

I agree with you that the final two levels are pretty hard for someone who lacks skill in speed-runners, which includes me btw lol Yea a reason to defy Simon would've been the icing on the cake - but that's what these jams are for, to get feedback and improve. We got some great feedback from people like you who played our game. Thank you

Thank you for your kind words! I am glad you enjoyed playing the game 👾

Great game mate! Full marks on simplicity, creativity and capturing the theme. The CRT effect, retro music is completely nostalgic. The last level was fun! I just wish there was one or two more levels lol 

You can improve the experience of maybe the sound aspect? It needs more variations. I had to squint to understand the writing down below, it's not very legible.  Maybe a cool voiceover of the AI would've made the experience amazing. These are just nitpicks! I really enjoyed the game 👾

Yo this is such a good game. I had so much fun listening to the sounds and music. The player moves so smoothly. I would've tried to finish the game but it got ridiculously difficult at a point lol maybe I'm just bad at it! I love how it starts and picks up gradually, like a crescendo. Brilliant game mate! 👾

I really liked the art on this one! Takes full marks in simplicity and visuals. The sound could have been much better. They get a bit repetitive. Good job!

Thank you for such an amazing comment! Thanks for playing and thanks for your wishes! Wait.. also..

Did I say Thanks? lol No seriously, Thanks 👾

Great feedback! Yes, I think you'd have to thank our programmers for the polish because within 24 hours we had a working model of the game. This gave me ample time to produce and mix the sounds in the project. We all had a great experience in making the game :) 

Thanks for noticing the minute details in sound 🙏🏼 I'm glad you had a wonderful experience in playing the game 👾

Yo this is such a good game! I love the whole idea of dying and becoming a ghost. The visuals are amazing! The bubbles coming out of the player when he's about to die? lol I enjoyed this. It's a 5/5 for me on every aspect except for one area..

I think it needs more sounds! Maybe a ghost sound? A better dying sound? Like a vocal 'aaaaaaa' when player dies or something. A floating sound? I like the ambient fire sound but that's the only one that sticks out. 

Good job mate! Good luck!

Hey that was fun to play lol I like how the visuals change to blue when you're too cold and red to when you're too hot! I don't know what the connection to the theme was but it was a fun game nevertheless. Good job!

Nice one mate! It's fun and simple. I found a glitch in first level, sometimes it spawns two tanks at once lol Also Idk if it's just my laptop, but I can't see the attacking tanks. They're out of my browser screen. And in second level I can't see no of lives and bullets lol Work on it more after the jam. Good luck!

Hey Thanks man! I had a couple sleepless nights figuring out the sounds for the game and based on the feedback I think they have been received well :) Thanks for your feedback as well. I'll play your game now! Cheers