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Yay, thanks! Glad you enjoyed it, simple as it is.

OK, that's definitely odd, and not intended. I'll see if I can replicate the issue later today, but I haven't seen it happen before.  Appreciate you clarifying anyway, and thank you for playing.

Yes, that's exactly as designed. You can't change direction in mid-air, you need to plan ahead and time your jumps. As for the missiles, I'm still not sure I understand what you mean. Are you saying they seem to hit something invisible in the middle of the screen?

He he. The only fun trump this whole year. ;)

Cooldown between missiles is intentionally long, otherwise you'd just spam them all the time to kill cubes too easily. Can you elaborate on it getting slow? If it's something I can easily fix I will do, but I don't notice any problems.

Always happy to include this in good-cause bundles, hopefully we can all make a difference.

Hey, come back and criticise when you reach Legendary rank ;)

Thanks for playing. Fair comments. The slow bullets are deliberate, otherwise you wouldn't be able to get to the other side of the arena to shoot yourself (and making the ship faster just makes it too twitchy to control) - but I agree it feels odd and maybe dropping the ability to kill yourself in favour of faster bullets would have been the better design.

Cheers, glad you enjoyed it. The binary score was mostly to save pixels :) I'd used the whole screen for gameplay and with the player ship going all the way around the edge I didn't have anywhere to put it! It does tie in with the ranking system too though, so you really only need to look at the rightmost bit - you get a new rank for every power of 2. I should have added a decimal score result to the rank screen but ran out of time - the last evening was a huge rush! Thanks for playing.

Thank you, especially about the music, that's very kind. :) Glad you enjoyed it.

Yep, all fair comments. I'd like to retry the same idea with higher res and also a better scale - the arena is too cramped at this res but I can't make the ships any smaller without losing clarity. Glad you liked the music. Thanks for playing.

Ha, thanks! You should give my other game, Thrunt, a go. Same control style but a time-trial racing game. I've been told it's practically impossible but, you know, you'll do great. ;)

I'll look into that some time but it's not a priority for now, sorry.

Definitely, keep it up! Will be interesting to see your next few games get better and better. I hope they don't lose the sense of humour too :)

Excellent arcade game, a tricky challenge and really looks the part. The shaded sprite letters spinning around evoke Atari ST demoscene stuff. High score just shy of 70k and will haveto do better! Great work.

Yeah, really solid game this one, good idea and well executed. Character graphics are a good cartoony style and the music is very evocative of the kind of game this is based on. Impressive for only a couple of weeks work.

Worked fine on my system (Win10, ran windowed at 1920x1080). Please don't take this the wrong way, I mean it as a compliment: this is a funny game :D. I mean, everything works, it's obviously pretty basic, but something about the main character and the music is really charming! Could do with some challenge - three lives and a few enemies or something to make it feel like a game rather than a cartoon - but hey, you made me laugh, in a good way.

Good-looking game for such a simple effect, it's nicely done. As other commenters mentioned the AI is the weak spot - you always have to make the first move or the game will last forever, and then the AI misses most balls that aren't straight on. But I know how hard it is to do good AI even for a simple game. Good job anyway.

Shame this doesn't have a single-player option, though I know getting AI opponents into a game like this is hard. Otherwise seems like a pretty solid version of classic gameplay, and actually surviving controlling both players as long as possible is kinda fun. Could do with some additional GUI stuff like prompt to restart and score display - I know you wanted the minimal look but the first time I crashed it looked like it had hung until I realised I had to manually restart it!

I agree with the other comment that the play area is too cramped. I did find it really hard just because there's hardly anywhere to fly once you've cracked one or two asteroids. Scored 672. Any good? Nicely executed but I'm afraid it was just too hard to be much fun, with the lack of space.

Unfortunately I could only play this for a few seconds as I have no friends :D - but I used to love Tetris Attack on the SNES and it's nice to see a good looking remake. Would play more if there was an "endless" 1-player option.

Fun idea! Sort of like Mirror's Edge trapped in an 80s platformer. Felt like it needed to be faster and less floaty, maybe try increasing the gravity. But yeah, nice entry, and the music's well done too.

I do like the idea of the game but the graphics effects were just too much for me to see through after a few levels. Shame because I probably would have played longer. The structure of it is similar to a game of mine, Thrunt, so I should say nice things. :D  My only gameplay suggestion would be to reduce the bounciness of the ball a bit because it's frustrating to be stuck at a corner of a corridor waiting for the physics to calm down. Maybe add a timer to the levels to encourage replaying? Good execution of what's there though.

Hi. I've uploaded the 32bit build of Spinned Izzy now.

Info for other people: MinionSoft and I discussed this on Slack, seems to be down to an old pre-DX11 GPU which is not supported by Unreal Engine. Sorry about that, but nowt I can do. :(

Thanks. It always was!

Well in theory it should be able to run on a 48k ZX Spectrum... ;)

Quit living in the past! :D - No worries, will add tonight.

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to let you know that my game Thrunt is now available for Mac (as well as Windows). It's got 25% off this week too. (now £1.50)

Thrunt is a challenging Thrust-like against the clock racing game that's likely to make you swear. I would post testimonials from players but they're largely unrepeatable in civilised discussion.

Go real fast and try not to crash. Easy.

Thanks for your time.


Hi Jason. I looked into this and 1440p is already supported, but only in fullscreen mode. Uncheck the "Windowed" box in the resolution chooser and the option should appear in the drop-down box. Works for me, but let me know if it's not there.

Yeah will look into that, something that just keeps slipping my mind really. There's a fairly significant update coming soon so I'll see what I can do. Thanks Jason.

Thrunt community · Created a new topic Coming Soon
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I've created this thread to head off people posting the same requests or complaints for things I'm already working on. I'll try to keep it up to date with an overview of what's coming in the next update.

1. Pause menu not accessible when dead or respawning. This will be fixed in the next update.

2. Disable mouse input completely as it sometimes interferes with the menus even when not being used. It's not a valid control method anyway.

3. Reduced particle count attached to gravity generators in "Grav 2.0" level. The current particle density is needlessly high and could cost performance on low-end graphics. I haven't hear any complaints, but I'll probably optimise ahead of time anyway.

He he, the plunger is a pretty tight fit. It's one of very few things in the game I can't now do every time, even after testing for hours.

I've actually been considering whether to introduce an "easy" mode. Like, the same levels but with some of the obstacles removed and some timings changed to make it a bit more accessible. If you've played Super Meat Boy you'll know about the "dark" levels. Same idea. I think some of my designs are maybe a bit too "dark" as standard, but I don't want to remove the challenge for better players.

BETTER than ramming poles through pigs? Who do you think you are, Jon Blow?

Hi Ken. First of all thanks for your detailed feedback. Glad these few things didn't prevent you from enjoying the game as it stands. "Frustrating but fun" is pretty much what I want on the box ;-)

To address your points then:

Bug 1: Performance in Factory4 level. This is top of my list of things to address in the first update. I knew that the performance in that level was worse than all the others due to the large number of small objects in the acid-drips section. I don't observe the problem to the extent you experienced, but I know there is an issue. Without those drips the performance is comparable to the other levels. I have some ideas on how to fix it without significantly changing the nature of the level design, but one way or another I will be posting an update soon.

Bug 2: Pause menu not available when dead. Again I'm aware of this problem. It's an easy thing to fix. It was actually somewhat by design, as I didn't want people to rage-quit as soon as they crashed. If they wanted to quit they would have to do so during active gameplay. That was probably a stupid choice on my part, and is definitely inconvenient for the player. Will be changed in the next update.

Bugs 3 and 4: Mouse related. Mouse input should be disabled completely. Simple oversight on my part and will fix in next update.

Suggestion 1: More thrust. Interesting that you said that, because it's something I couldn't decide about. Increasing the thrust sounds like a good idea, but I found it becomes hard to control in tight situations like the central slalom in Switcheroo or the falling stalactite gap in Spelunchre. That then makes you increase the overall scale of the levels to compensate, and that effectively negates the increase in thrust. That's not to say I shouldn't revisit the ship dynamics again before the next update. This could be a player option of course: a ship selection screen has been a possibility from the start. You could have a powerful ship that doesn't rotate as fast, or a low-drag ship with a weaker engine, etc.

Suggestion 2: Fully resetting levels. This has been a tricky design question all along. The way the levels are set up means I can mark objects that should be repositioned when the player respawns. This is used in e.g. Switcheroo where the switchable doors and plunger have to reset otherwise the level wouldn't be playable after the first attempt. However, it isn't currently used unless it has to be. This is probably the wrong choice for some objects. Any obstacle where you have to wait for the right timing to pass, or where your path significantly diverges depending on when you arrive, should probably also reset. I do think that things like bullet and water-drip timings still should not reset though, so that not every run is absolutely identical. Those bits of randomness are challenges the player should be able to respond to dynamically.

Incidentally, another planned feature is also dependent on a more deterministic approach to large obstacles, and that's "ghosts" of the player's best run. It wouldn't make much sense to have the ghost e.g. zipping right through obstacles that weren't in the same position during the run when the best time was set. That wouldn't be so bad if the ghost went through a water drip, but going through a whole turbine blade or crusher would just look bad.

Suggestion 3: I think the race style tracks have a place in the game, but maybe not at such length, and maybe only as "bonus" levels. The Melbourne track is probably about right at 40s or so, and the width of the track gives you more opportunity to get some flow while still risking a crash. The others are overlong. In fact the Sepang track is to scale, based on the real track and the size of the player ship. It's not a priority for now, but I'll probably try rescaling them all to be at the same scale as Melbourne in an update and see if that works better. I also considered adding speed-up pads (like Wipeout) to make things more interesting. If they never get to be very interesting then I'll drop them in favour of other designs.

Once again, thanks for playing and, most of all, your input. Cheers, Barry.

Thrunt! is an arcade physics-based against-the-clock racing game. Thrust your way through 12 increasingly silly levels of tricky tracks and traps. Or just crash into the wall over and over. Up to you.