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First of all thank you for playing my game. I liked your genuine feedback and trust me in the next bitsy game jam I will definitely going to  use your mentioned tips inside my game😊. 

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beautiful love story😊❤.Their conversations  were  beautifully showcasing  how deeply they  love  each other😢. 

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Thank you for playing and for the feedback 🙂.

Thank you for playing.🙂 Actually it was really hard and challenging for me to draw  items in  8X8 bits  canvas due to which Potato and coconut may look similar. 

I will update this game . Where first a dialogue box appears  which contains the name of the object player  interacting with and then player will decide pick it or not.

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No . You can only collect one item. There are  7  questions which will be asked by 7 ghosts and  their answers are  7 different items, go and search all the rooms out there. You can't collect  an item more than once  and If you try to do this(even accidentally),then you will lose the game.

Thank you for playing . ... 

Hope you will clear the game  now .  Focuse on solving  the riddles.🙂👍🏻.


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❌NOTE: This game might take some time to load (it is a prototype).. Depends upon your internet speed. ❌ 

I really enjoyed this game.