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Fun to play! I'm impressed with the art style and colors pallet used in this game. Controls are simple and smooth. Isometric view fits great for this game.  Background  music is nice (however the watermark of audio jungle is noticeable😅 ) . 

Good Luck !


Nice game! hard little bit but fun to play

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Amazing game! nice art and perfectly aligned with theme 

Thank you so much!. I'm glad you played my game.

Nice game!.It can be a amazing commercial game. Sounds, gameplay all are amazing. I'm short of words. 

Thank you for playing my game and for the feedback.

Nice game! I liked the concept of this game. Perfectly aligned with the theme

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Nice artwork,sfx and enemies  attacking  system. So many rooms allow a player to explore more. Concept of balancing two powers is  appreciated, One thing I noticed  if you kill the monsters in one room and go to the next room and when you again come to the first room the monsters are respawned there.  Anyway this game deserves  5 stars (in all categories) and 5 stars for  the  efforts bro, 


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Thanks! I will rate your game too

Yes! The future of Godot is bright. Everyday it is becoming cooler and cooler.

Thank you! for playing and for the feedback it helps me alot in improving my games. 

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Interesting  game!. Sounds are very satisfying.  Intro was amazing (nice animation).You can play and rate  my game too. Don't forget to give feedback.

I  made some changes. Now  it  won't let you turn your head away from the Computer screen😅(atleast for 3 minutes)

I have solved the problem you mentioned earlier. Thanks! for the feedback. Also I made this game little bit harder. 


Thank you! for playing. I forgot to add  a "about the game " section in the game. But I have mentioned about " how to play ?" in game page description. Inshort "you are trapped in a maze for 3 minutes and after 3 minutes, one gate will be opened for you to escape ,you have to find that door to escape". It is simple..

The alarm sound actually notifies you  with a message "one door has been opened".

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Thank you! for playing my game.I think I should have added difficulty levels like your game. 

Nice  concept ,simple ,clean and fun to play.  I did as I told you in your youtube's comment box. The blades stop you for 1 sec when you collide (nice obstacle)

Yaa! I intentionally made it easy. The previous releases was very hard so I updated it to retain player interest.  Thank you for playing and feedback. 

I liked this game!. You can play and rate my game too.

nice  player control ! .I liked this game . You can play and rate my game game too.

I didn't see any player. A dialogue box appeared only. please mention the  controls.

Creepy game ,Initially I didn't  get anything but when chase scene  started  I got  the real taste of this game. You should add some jump scare  sfx . Sound portion was missing . 

You can play and rate my game too ^_^

Simple and FUN to play!. You can play and rate my game too.

nice simple and clean game!.  You can  play and rate my game too. 

And the menu scene was mind-blowing

Nice concept! I reached to level 6 (pink and green realms).I liked Blicki and his gun .

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Thanks! You should always check for the top end and bottom end of the maze (btw this was a secret 😅)when alarm 🚨 raise. There will be one gate opened for you to escape. This game hardly takes 5 minutes to end because after 3 min. one gate  opens. 

I will play your game and rate it.


I  enjoyed this game very addictive . Sfx  are amazing specially the music of credit section.  Did you use rigid body physics for the crown? 

Thank you for playing. I didn't test this game over firefox . I use only chrome 😅 where the game run smoothly ,that's why I have provided  .exe file for window as well. 

Thanks 👍🏻😊

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I  got 5 smiley face. Interesting concept .  You  can checkout my game and give your feedback  

It seems me a commercial game  😀

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I enjoyed this game. Occludars  are looking great. You can checkout my game 😄

simple and interesting :-)

nice game 👍🏻.

Thank you for playing .  And  yes I will rate your game 🙂

Nice colors  and  game mechanics. Initially it  seemed hard to me but after 3rd attempt I played  well.