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thanks bro sorry for some of the intial confusion in the game tutorials were planned but i put the debugging ahead of that and tutorials never really ended up in the game 😅


:) thanks broski i pride myself on style lol

Thanks bro, dont worry next thing i make that aspect ratio will be fixed :)

Thanks bro, the tutorials were something i was planning on adding but then i look at the date and i was like oh shoot gonna have to put it up after debugging it.

mind if i ask what was the last frame you were on?

not off hand most of the bugs i found were on firefox but those were corrected in early development. try restarting the window and clicking into the game. im gonna look into that my friend.

Now dis is a fun as heck game my guy. The game play loop is solid my guy.

now dis game is the bomb; good job bros!

I LOVE the approach of this and how it looks graphically my main man but my only criticism of this is the controls; they feels a bit sluggish but outside of that astounding job bros :)

Hey man I’m a unity developer and 2d artist. I would def be up to working with you bro :)

You can check my work on my bro

Thanks bro, I hope you stick around for the finalized version of chapter one :). got plans to make it better in many aspects like a better portrayal of the story, ai has many reworks on the way and more ;). but i cant thank you enough for the constructive criticism cause i did not see any of these problems during beta testing. I do look forward to more of your content tho i loved watching your play through.

I’m a pretty decent unity programmer looking for artist, musical, etc so we can make a pretty quality product for this jam and become best friends on the way :)

This is a pretty fun concept and i think you should be proud of what you have here. one bug that is very apparent at least to me is tho that the jump in infinite and i can just fly around with it over all obstacles with ease. out side of that good job mu dude :)

Yeah i knew the music was a problem more of a programmer, bit of an artist but defiantly not a composer lol. But thanks a lot my dude i will strive to make sure tho that i telegraph the purpose of power up in my next game way more :)

I just played it and i thought it was pretty good for it just being a prototype :)

Just wondering how everyone is doing after two weeks of fun game dev. cause you all seem fun and pretty funky fresh :).

Thanks for the critism bro :) but i now have made the realization cause all i read for restriction was 12 inputs only and i counted the mouse as one input lmao

Now this game is SOOOOOOO fun like its just so addicting :) you should be extremely proud what you made here bro.

Thanks for the criticism bro; will improve my next game jam. There was alot i wanted to do but the scope got out of hand and I couldnt add everything i wanted like the coins were going to have more of a purpose and more enemy types and animations.

Yoooooo I love the style and its fun to move the character around. I do feel like the game is a bit too easy but besides that good job bro :)

I got ya also here be my game

Thanks bro :)

thanks bro, music is not my strong suit as you can see lol

VERY FUN and highly polished; i dont really have much of any criticism out of maybe some more props but i think this is a really pog game.

of course bro i got yo back

Also here my gamelink in hyperlink for

My Game

I think the game has a good concept but the controls are extremely floaty i really struggle controlling the character in the air cause it feels like it has no mass. Its fun but the floaty controls really dragged it down imo

Really fun game i feel as tho its easy to get very overwhelmed by the enemies unless im just bad. LOVE the sound the effects tho.

ok thanks for clarifying i must have got so caught up in the addicting game play i didn’t notice lol

Now this game is pretty pog my friend. I LOVE THE DESIGN and i think the concept is soooooooooo gooood. only criticism is the cat moves really slow and i have no patience that’s just my criticism tho lol

Really fun game and its extremely addicting but may i ask where the theme exactly comes in like is it cause it can be a short experience? I would really like to know the exact take on the theme :) its a great game nonetheless

This was a really fun game :) Initial cool down was a bit too long for the sword but overall a good time bro.

Thanks bro, controls are the one thing that next time i will be work extremely hard to fix i have an entire list of mistakes not to repeat for next time :). I’m also assuming you only went through the first three levels because at least i was going for that your in early 2020 before the pandemic hit and as you keep going through the game the music starts to disappear and the level gets more empty/feel more empty with the covid-19 enemy plaguing the levels being when the pandemic did hit :) I should have probably made that more obvious that’s whats happening.

This game seems to have an amazing core but its main problem is its complexity and how well it explains its complexity. It took me a while to even figure out the ui cause they’re these additional steps to using it. There probably should have been some in game tutorial somewhere showing how it operates. i say its really good but it does need some form of ingame tutorial cause just looking at this and trying to play it is frustrating. amazing adherence to the theme and i like the arcade graphic style but game play is frustrating trying to understand without an ingame tutorial. Good job nonetheless :)

Amazing adherence to the theme and i like all the concepts implemented i do think there should have been one or two more mini games but what you have is personally fun. Only gripe is the amount of text but thats more of a personal thing for me that when you have too much text in your game it really bogs down the experience and slows the player down and the pacing. overall its really fun tho good job :)

Its a fun game player movement feels extremely heavy and this really has nothing to do with the theme. also when you going diagonal you move faster then you would going one direction its a fun game but these are hindrances to it

Thanks man, don’t worry next platformer i make won’t make this mistake again :). This was a real needed learning experience for me now i know what to fix for next time. thanks so much for this critique bro

This game is amazing its visually stunning and the audio was great but from a game play stand point its really is lacking. On my first attempt of mixing random vials i found the cure and won. I would say there should have probably been some added mechanics for finding the cure and less text for all the text did bog down the pace a bit. This is visual impressive tho and i like the style but it does need a bit more on the game play side if you catch my drift.