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Thank you!~

You can if you would like to ^^ Thanks for offering!

I'm glad her bracelet gets noticed by commenters every now and then haha

Thank you so much for the review and for playing the game!~

Thank you! <3

Thanks so much for playing! 


In that ending you mentioned, Jessica didn't follow Sara behind the school. So she wasn't there to witness what happened for that ending. ^^

It starts when they experience puberty("3 years ago" in terms of the game timeline) and is genetic, passing down through the ladies in the family. I didn't base it on any specific thing, haha. The CG that you see at the end of ending 1, all the details in it? That's all I wanted to go for in the design of what the 'condition' is. c:

Oh gosh, thank you so much!! I think you're the first person to comment on the gamejam page since we'd added the alternate ending haha

Thank you for playing! ^^

This whole game just *war flashbacks* took me BACK, goodness. I guffaw'd at seeing Tom haha

This setting is really the only setting in which this story could be pulled off and it's done SO well. Excellent job!

Both endings were pretty abrupt and I'm honestly not sure if I like or dislike the fact that there's no sound that accompanies the bad ending. Either way, great game! ^^

Oh yay, you went back to play the other ending! I'm glad :D

Thanks for making videos for the game! ^^
It's kind of funny that you posted this earlier today. We just made the update about 15 minutes ago that has the official music for both of the new scenes (we'd posted an ersatz version over the weekend, that's why the music is so "Disney" lol) Unfortunate that you didn't check out the Characters section in the Extras menu as you'd played this on a new file and didn't get the "completed both endings" message. 

I'm glad you enjoyed it though!

Because of how the characters bounce when you go to the next line of dialogue I wanted to hit the enter button on the beat to the track because the background music is such a bop haha

Really nice polish overall! The blinking animation, the CGs, the old school OS was so nostalgic too. Loved this ^^

I got hooked right after the second night when we discovered and played the computer game. The characters in the mini-game are so fun. I really enjoyed this game (I wrote this whole comment while I was playing, so it might sound a bit disjointed haha). Kitties make everything better. I got the "Cat Lady" ending first run through~

I encountered a couple bugs; I landed on a choice in the over-world (when they're in the gym) and opened the menu. When I pressed [esc] it crashed the game and I had to restart it. The other bug was when I tried to go for the other ending; when Kimi goes up the stairs by herself the game freezes with her at the top of the stairs and I'm able to open the menu and load screen but I can't get her to move anywhere. I let it sit on that screen for a while too, pressed all the buttons, and nothing changed. 

The hover sounds on the title screen buttons made me think the audio was glitching lol - took me a minute to figure out what was happening as they started before the messages disappeared. They're quite loud for button hover sounds and would honestly be the only thing I'd update about the game as the story was quite good! 

I went with being the obedient maid the whole time and got the "Good End?" Neat for having percentages of how much script has been seen at the end.

Love the Noir aesthetic. The final scene felt a little abrupt compared to the rest of the game, but still good overall! Especially with it all being stock assets too.

Aw man, I kind of wish that the title screen didn't have the shadow. It would've made this mysterious and great for theories while playing. Like we could think maybe there's something out there that's a threat to pets! (with the cat's disappearance) Or that the puppy is a human that can transform into a puppy and fell in love with Eleanor, taking out other pulls of her attention so that they're the only thing she can give attention to.

Either way, short and effective! ^^ I liked it.

Fantastic animations with the sprites! Pacing matches the suffering of the times :c

Thank you so much!

Btw there's a new version of the game if you're interested - with a new scene, choice, and an alternate ending available ^^

Thank you so much! We're actually planning on having more content in the game later this week. An additional scene in the middle and an alternate ending ^^

I know it won't count for the game jam itself, but wanted to let you know in case you might be interested in seeing the new content. c:

Of course! Thanks so much for making such a great game to play~

I hope you liked my audio editing too. I really like how the overlapping voices sounded haha

Ooo yay! I'm glad you liked the concept art gallery! :D Your the first person to comment on it haha - I always think it's fun seeing how art is made ^^

Hearing that the story is effective, the ending is shocking, and the effects and UI all worked well together makes me very happy 💕 Thank you for playing! ^^


You have no idea how happy this comment makes me, thank you so so much!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it and hearing that it's going to stay with you for a while makes me ECSTATIC that it has good lasting impression 💕 I wanted to create a good, short horror story experience and it sounds like I accomplished just that! \o/

Also I must say that with this much said I'm honestly really impressed that you managed to not spoil any of the plot lol

I feel like there's a lot of inspiration from Madoka Magica and I'm definitely not against that! Nice use of metaphors and the soundtrack SLAPS. The battling music especially. Good work!

The ending was predictable from the beginning news broadcast but the writing was really good which made it fun to read. All about the journey, not the destination. uwu

Only critique really is the thickness of the font - it feels kinda chunky, especially when more than two sentences fill the dialogue box. 

It's so fun to see a comment from someone who played my first game and see their reaction with the differences to this one! haha

Thanks so much for playing and goodness for all the compliments 💕 You're so kind. I'm so glad that all the elements came together for a good experience to play~

Great alpha! Love seeing a take on this story from a detective/officer's POV. That was interesting. I really like the interactivity throughout the game. The voice actors did a great job too 👍

All around incredible job. Especially those endings, the voice acting was fantastic!

I have a huge fear of pregnancy so this gave me chills at every turn. I was so uncomfortable thinking about all of that "family" growing inside of me. ▓▒░(°◡°)░▒▓ So you know you did a great job lol

Also I love how you did the extras menu with the head! Really nice design work for all of the UI.

I really loved this! Especially all the interactive parts of the game and how goofy Hendrik is at the end. This is excellently put together!

I made a video of me playing it if you're interested. If anything please definitely take a look at the last 4th of the video as I did some audio editing there and I think it's really fun c:

Timestamps are given in the beginning of the video for those recommended portions. ^^

I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for playing ^^

Thank you for such a detailed comment and goodness, all the compliments 💕 Especially about the writing. I actually haven't written much over the past few years until earlier this year when I'd tackled my very first game jam so I'm thrilled to hear that you enjoyed how the game is written so much. 

One of our stretch goals was to actually give more screen time to Jessica. As it is, her scene is in there to give a somewhat "normal" scene amidst all the unsettling paranoia as well as a personal excuse to include a little splash of gay, haha. Plus I wanted to show how, even with her best friend and crush sitting right next to her, Sara's attention is still drawn to Tyler - further showing her paranoia. I definitely had a bit more planned for Jessica but ultimately wasn't able to include it before the deadline. We're currently planning some small updates, maybe we'll be able to get that extra part for Jessica in there later?

👁 Д 👁

So full that dinner might have to be skipped! haha

Haha, yeah - I didn't know that these were going to be the rating options. They're kinda funny lol

Thank you so much for playing! I'm so glad to hear the game was engaging and that everyone's enjoying the twist and climax~

What were the stutters btw? Maybe we can fix them in an update.

Thank youuu!~ 

That was actually within our stretch goals for this game; an Epilogue where we see Tyler's POV. haha

Thank you so much for the comment! I'm so pleased to see how everything builds together from the player's experience. ^^

Thank you so much for playing!

Also YES - more Jessica and Sara! \o/
I probably (at the least) will be drawing them together over on Twitter haha

Dang that's a relationship doomed to fail. Poor Nadia :c 

Loved Hanako btw. Probably my favorite character! Wish we could've seen more of the "Master of Dreams" before the end of the game. 

I don't know how many times I PET THE CAT but I enjoyed it every time. uwu
Doing the world a favor by including a petting option when introducing an animal haha

This was fun. I love how it's different from most other VNs I've played in this jam - it's more like a choose your own adventure sort of game. Reminds me of those old text-only adventures but heightened with music, sfx, and some visuals for the settings on the right side. Nicely done! 👍

Oh yeah, that was definitely the intention haha

If you look in the extras there's a little bit more information on the "incident" from 3 years prior in Sara's bio. But I intentionally left it without details so the player could fill in details themselves. One of the greatest tools in horror is to not reveal all the details. ☆ ~('▽^人)

Thanks so much for playing and for the comment!

I'm so glad the paranoia of being stalked was portrayed well. Thank you ^

Also lol, I didn't look into the specific number of how much pressure that'd be when I wrote that line. I'm a little surprised I underestimated haha

Mwahahaha, I'm so glad the twist is catching everyone exactly how I intended >:3c

Thank you for playing and thanks for the comment!

I'm glad you picked up on the clues! :D

And thank you so much for the comment ^^

Thanks! I'm glad you liked the twist~

Not sure how I'd extend this further as I came up with the idea to specifically be a short little horror experience haha