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The King of CatsView game page

Can you survive a night aboard a cargo ship with man-eating tigers on the loose?
Submitted by Witching Metal (@AWOAMM)
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Log Line
A short visual novel inspired by 1980s creature features. Can you survive a night aboard a ship with man-eating tigers on the loose?

Content Warnings
Includes references to alcohol abuse, graphic descriptions of animal attacks, and descriptions of tigers being shot. No images or depictions of violence.

Team Members
Witching Metal Productions - Writing & Programming

@babbittybabbitt - Logo art

RAIT Visual Works - Character silhouettes (freely available)

Other stock images, music, and sound effects credited in game files & About menu.

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Love the Noir aesthetic. The final scene felt a little abrupt compared to the rest of the game, but still good overall! Especially with it all being stock assets too.


Thank you very much for the kind words!  And yeah, I plan on expanding the ending a bit after the Jam 馃槈

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Nautical horror is my absolute favorite. I love the claustrophobia of being trapped on a ship and Something Is Wrong. Considering you were working with stock assets, the visuals are really effective--the security-camera filter and the silhouettes both serve to enhance the atmosphere. And the choices really felt important--I genuinely had the sense that I was making life-or-death decisions. I was a little bit disappointed that at the end there's a big final showdown that we're just told about and we don't actually get to play. I also found the characters' voices somewhat hard to tell apart.


Thank you for the feedback!  And yeah, I agree the final showdown could definitely be more engaging beyond choosing where to search.  I'll definitely revisit this in the future after the Jam and consider adding more choices to the showdown ;)

Thanks again!


Awesome, I think that will add a lot! And be sure to check out my entry as well:


Of course, will do!  It's at the top of my list of Jam submissions to check out 馃槈


This was great! A unique idea with great suspenseful writing and a cool noir-ish aesthetic. The characters were all distinctive and interesting despite how little time we got with them. I could totally see this as thrilling survival movie or something.


Thank you!  I appreciate the kind words :)