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Thanks for letting me know! I believe I've fixed it, I made a new download that includes the .pck files in a zipped folder.

Day 13+14

Well, I submitted what I have so far! If anything I made some cute art. I'll be coming back to this to finish it up later, but for now I have a few other projects that I need to wrap up.

Day 11+12

"Finished" the art assets for now, though I may come back for some more polish and variations after the jam. Now I want to concentrate on code and trying to get something at least a little functional done by the end.

Day 10

Some sprite art, a deer customer and one of the snowflakes.

Day 8+9

Once again, work is dragging me down! But I'm off tomorrow and plan to finish up as much as I can. I want to at least get to the point where the player can swap out sprites with a click, even if I can't figure out a point system or how to randomize the orders.

Thanks for the kind words, guys! Just joined the discord as well, I think having other people to talk it out with should help a lot.

Day 6+7

I had work late yesterday so I didn't get to do much. Tried to make up for it today, though.

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Day 5

Still working on art assets. I guess my goal at this point is to get all of the art done by the end of the jam, then worry about the code later.

Edit: Well that's broken! I posted it on imgur instead.

Day 4

I had work today and I'm burnt out on trying to figure out how coding do, so today I spent some time working on art assets.

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Hello everyone! This is the first jam I've ever participated in. I'm mainly a visual artist but I've been dabbling in coding lately and want to expand on that. I pretty much only know the absolute basics of Python, so I decided to try out Godot because I heard the language was similar.

I figured I should start posting about my progress because I'm honestly kind of struggling so any advice you guys can offer would be super appreciated!

Oh yeah and I've got an artstation and a comic if any of you are interested in checking that out.

Game Summary

You own a Snowflakery (snowflake+bakery) where arctic creatures stop by to buy custom snowflakes from you. Each customer has an order that you have to match. You have 60 seconds to get as many orders correct as you can.

Day 1

I spent most of Day 1 brainstorming and sketching out basic ideas. I started out wanting to make a diner dash clone but scrapped that once I realized how much work that would be.

Day 2

I spent Day 2 making a mockup of my game in Godot. And then I spent like six freaking hours trying to figure out how to make a functional title screen before finally giving up,

Day 3 (Today, as of this writing?)

Well, here's where I've hit the wall. I spent most of today trying to figure out how to randomize the customers' orders... So I made 3 order variants and tried to create a function where it will pick a sprite to display based on the number it lands on. Absolutely none of it is working though, it just shows the topmost order sprite (and I think the other two are still underneath it).

Here's the code I have so far. Any help would be much appreciated.