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Thanks for playing and the feedback.

I agree, it needs a scensitivity slider. The going through enemies is a littler hard to fix since I think its a problem about speed, and with the mouse you can technically always go faster.

Its definitely not a long game. I personally had this movement idea on my list for a long time now and just wanted to get it out there. Might use it again in a future project with improved features, and maybe even an alternative keyboard control.

Thanks for playing

Thanks, appreciate it.

Happy you enjoyed it!

Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, I was going for an old school Windows look. The background color for example is from Windows 95.

When you click on the buttons it should not shoot, it should do what the button does. I agree tho, the unlock/lock is confusing in the main menu, but in the game its there so you dont accidentally hit the button back to menu while playing. For now I edited the game page to be a bit more helpful on this, will fix this after voting period.

Thanks for the feedback, always appreciate it.

May I ask what exactly caused the confusion? Since, to me at least, starting the game is just a matter of clicking the button.

Glad you got it running, I'm gonna add gamepad support with the joysticks, which should be a lot more fun to play with.

then try the downloadable, but seems like you already did.

its royality free music by joshua mclean so you can use it in your own games too.

are you playing the web version or the downloadable? cause the web version can be weird at times

I like it. Has cool myst vibe and the puzzles were really fun. Great stuff.

While moving diagonally down+left, down+right & up+left I wasn't able to jump. Up+right was fine and horizontal and vertical too. Nice game!

also, maybe you wanna check out vimlark on twitch. he plays games on fridays.

i know that feeling, you put so much work into it and only a few people play it. I'm gonna spread the word man.

i love this game. look who's got a new profile pic.

appreciate it.

glad you enjoyed it :)

No pigs were harmed during the making of this game. (No babies were harmed during the making of this game)

awesome that you enjoyed it. I wasnt planning to make it a baby at the end, i really dont know why my instinct told me, its GOTTA BE A BABY AT THE END! :'D making this game was lots of fun, glad you liked it.

Everyone is complete if there is pie... haha
glad you had fun!

Nice! You can deliver the second pie in the sequel!

Thanks for the feedback, glad you had fun playing!

NIce, im excited!

(1 edit)

A simple idea, but actually quite fun. My highscore is 696. I will try beating that though. Doesn't seem good enough yet. i really like your games lol

Edit: the executable of the game shouldn't be hidden in the directory tree. you could have a shortcut file to the executable at your parent directory, so people don't have to search for the game

awesome game. I think my highscore was 5200.

At one point I was just cycling through all of the spheres and smashing the shoot button, thinking I had discovered the ulimate strategy. Then I noticed that shooting the blue cubes isnt a good idea...

I'm blue.

lol, thanks for trying. i think, now the jam is over, i can add the framerate fix. for more than 30 frames per sec.

sry for kinda late response. yeah, as far as i remember level 5 was made to introduce you to the no signal tiles so you didnt need any commands for that.

level 7 is the main level for the no-signal-tiles. the whole game is suppose to be you remote controlling a robot, and therefore some times the signal is bad and you can't see what is at a certain tile. thats basically the black no-signal-tiles. and in level 7, since you cant see whats there you gotta guess your way through.

thanks, for commenting. always appreciate it.

Great game, i love the shoppy rock thing lol. My only feedback would be to add a short "god-mode" when you get hit so have you have a little time to get away from the enemy before you get hit again. without something like this you can easily get hit mutliple times by just one mistake and it feels a little unfai.

Keep up the great work.

I love it! Very good use of the lore, while still keeping mystery aspects for the next jam to fill in.

im glad you enjoyed it. really appreciate it.

thanks for the feedback, the enemies doing 90 damage really are suppose to be rediculousy hard. wanted the player to be scare at every corner of the game. not sure if that worked that well, but still, they are suppose to be very hard.

great game! my biggest complain  is that the font and main menu doesnt really fit the artstyle, so yeah its a great game. its hard to move around corners, but thats not a bad thing, really.

(just one thing for the future maybe, driller co-op)

I love it! Very nice concept. Also the art is really great.

Feedback: it should explain somehow what the cats do, the cats are a little hard to see on the background, maybe make the background a little darker, and the white area should disappear after cat placement.

Overall, i like it, really great.

thanks, for the feedback. you were kinda suppose to slowly look around corners, when you do that, youll notice that you can see them before they react to you.

Oh, damn. Very good game. My score was 693.

I love it! 
1 BUG (+SPOILER):  When you give the bag of tool to the girl, it stays in the inventory.

And I honestly like everything about the game. The dialog, characters, art, puzzle ((SPOILER) the puzzle with the mom and son wasnt really hard but neat).

Nitpicky thing: Make the black outline for the dialog text thicker, please, thanks LOL

Overall, nice game.