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Thank you so much. I always appreciate feedback!


Glad you enjoyed it. Also, nice to hear from you. I fondly remember your super-floaty project.

Thanks for playing. Glad you noticed the extra sound effect for a double-hit, I pruposefully added that to make it feel more satisfying.

The simple game mechanic of cleaning works very well in combination with the lovely voice acting, and empty atmosphere of of the space ship. I eventually attempted my own space walk and was genuinely scared of starnding in deep space. Really nice game, I would suggest to make the audio tapes less hidden, maybe use a bigger model for them, because they're the core of the game imo. Really fun to listen to.

THIS is also what game jams should be about, creating new, interesting and complex game mechanics. I loved the puzzles, especially the numbers on the blackboard but also the subtle language built into the world like the countdown timer in the vent. I THINK xode means wait... could be wrong though.

This game did a great job at making me feel like I was in an alien world through it's mechanics and that's quite an achievement, so very well done. I genuinly think you should further build on this ide in the future, but also try to find a better way to introduce the mechanic to the player. I was confused at the beginning. But once it clicks, it's great.

Thank you so much for the kind words! :)

Hey, nice atmospheric horror game! Very good sound design as well. I also like that the monster was only subtley/barely ever shown. Adds a lot to the horror.

Only thing I'd have to say is, it would be nice to have an option for camera sensitivity and fov, but I get that it can be difficult to add that under a time constraint.

Yes that bug is frustrating and it really annoys me that I can't fix it till the submission period ends.

Here is mine:

Tried doing hand drawn animation

This one is mine, if you wanna check it out:

thanks for playing!

thanks for your feedback

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Play Free Now:

Invaders From Another World is a hand-animated game, heavily inspired by the likes of Cuphead and Hollow Knight. It also takes inpsiration from the soulslike genre. The visuals are strongly referencing the style of 1920-1930 rubberhose cartoons.

This game was a submission to the Brackeys Game Jam, which was a 7 days long contest to develop a game. The Theme for the jam was "You are not alone".  Invaders From Another World subtley builds on that utilizing the sci-fi genre. It is essentially about aliens invading our planet - which concludes to the statement that we as humanity "aren't alone in the universe". There is no direct storytelling to find in this game, however, you can visually observe that you play as a country man who is battleing a flying saucer on his own in a rural area - at night time. Any story beyond that is for you interpret or imagine.

You can play Invaders From Another World for FREE right now, in the browser or as a windows desktop download. This was also the first game for which I edited a trailer. In the trailer you can see the sprites in their physical forms: ink on paper.

thanks for the feedback. I'm aware of the bug you are talking about, unfortunately I didn't get to fix it before the deadline and was just hoping people won't encounter it a lot. Try restarting the game (or reloading the game page if you're playing the web version) when that happens.

Thanks for the positive response :)

Hey this is really fun! I love the robot making fun of me, it's hilarious and cute.

Yes, you don't have to kill the enemies.

Thanks for the positive feedback :)

Fun little game!

My highscore was: 4000

Really cute game! Nice boss fight at the end.

Very interesting concept and nice puzzles! I'm less fond of the red falling capsules, since I was just trying to time the start correctly, and that was a little less fun then the other mechanics.

Hey, you made a very good puzzle platformer! Nice job and good use of the theme.

Thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate it.

Very interesting project. Would be interesting to know what text you put into the AI image generator. 

I think the binary dialog was a little too much, cause I guessed the plot twist by that. 

A very good idea executed perfectly! 

And thanks for the chocy milk.

Very interesting idea! 

Reminds me of Please dont touch anything

Interesting game. The camera is a little confusing though.

Really nice graphics!

You know what I love? When Jam Games have small campaigns like these. I enjoyed it a lot, especially the ending!

I was a little confused at the beginning about how the attacks work, but then I got the hang of it and got addicted to that gameplay. Nice stuff.

 Hey I liked this. Really nice platformer. Neat graphisc, cute music!

Feedback: the camera shouldnt be slower than the player because then you cant see what you are running towards. A little drag is okay but when it's too much it can get annoying.

I love the hand drawn levels. Sound and music would have added a lot.

Audio would have added a lot to this. Otherwise perfectly solid game.

Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for playing


Thanks for the positive feedback :)

nice to hear, thanks :)

Thanks for the feedback. Nice to hear you liked it

Same, wonder if that guy who made this will ever follow up

Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for your response. I have to say, that the game was completed in overtime.