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The very first level on the list isnt suppose to be playable thats why it says N/A. I use that slot for a "level 0" where i test all the games mechanics. the rest of the levels are all playable at all time. click connect to start. Thanks for playing the game, I appreciate it! :)

First at all thanks for playing and thanks for the honest feedback. Always appreciate it. And it's a bug that the game runs so fast. For some reason delta isnt doing its job right. Since the games speed dicreases in lower fps and increases in higher fps. I have checked my code multiple times and showed it to others, seems to be okay. My current fix is to force run the game on 60 fps so it doesnt go above. And the thing about the camera... I always wanted to implement it but i have no idea how you would do that in godot. Shouldnt be too hard to find out though. I'll try implementig it in my next game.

Thanks for the feedback! btw its not a sun, its a bulb because of the LAMP theme.

thanks for the feedback. And lowering the lasting time of that collision was really one of the things i wanted to do. But that  was like 10 minutes before submission time.

thanks i really appreciate it

The idea its self is cool. Having music is always nice. And really like the art. Shouldnt be able to hoe myself though. I really would like to play more but for some reason every time i pick up from the weed barrel i cant move anymore dont know why.

thanks a lot for the positive feedback. i wanna rethink the camera a bit and add sounds and music when the judging period is over. I made the levels like an hour before deadline so yes i had no time for music and stuff. 

and i really like the art and sound. good job.

I like it feels very polished. i think the skeletons were introduced to quickly. maybe should have  a small level first with only one skeleton where you make sure the player sees the skeleton. and i couldnt do above level 7. didnt find the second button.

thanks for the feedback. i knew that the camera would make people dizzy. will see what i can see.


Did you play the Web version or the EXE? On the EXE the speed is very high for some reason.

Thanks :)

Thanks I really appreciate feedback. 

I really like your hand drawn art style. When it comes to Game Feel it is up to you how you wanna do it. Ask your self how your game should feel and then add stuff so the player feels this way while playing.

I like the game and the artstyle is really interetsing. did you literaly draw on paper and scan it  into your pc or did you draw it in some special app like krita?

Overall id say your game lacks GAME FEEL:

Watch this video to understand what i mean.

You have to hold space to restart the game. Did you finish the level? if yes, what grade did you got?

Yes, abviously the art is dry but i didnt spent much time on it any way.

Yeah, it is kinda annoying that the bullets hit the walls and the enemies can go throught but i kinda wanted to have it as a main challenge. The main thing I was going for was the game mechanic that the health=ammo=stamina (although the stamina doesnt really has an importan use).

its great. i like the combat very much but the pits are a bit annoying. Especially when you are attacking and he falls into the pit.

its a great game but i would say the controls could be refined a bit. especially picking up stuff is a little annoying.

I really had fun with this game. It gets really challenging and you have to "think outside of the box" to get through some parts. Music is a little Annoying. I recommend looking through the Youtube Sound Library.

I am glad to hear that.

Your game has encouraged me to focus more on the visuals next time and go with an easier gameplay to code. I like it althoug I didn't came very far. Only could put on his panties and then don't know what to do with the flower. Am I missing something obvious?
It's a good game.

Press on the bottom-left of the sreen which action you wanna do and then press on the object you wanna do it with/to. So Go+Lake makes you go to the lake. There isn't any puzzle behind that. It isn't my music by the way. Just copyright-free stuff from Youtube. If you need help, just ask. I got time.

Thanks for the reply. Thanks to all of you. I know the game is lacking a lot of "fun" but i think the base concept is clear. Im not really sure i really want to work further on it. But thanks.

kinda open world?

It isnt that bad. but ill only say: I stopped cause of the music and cause its super slow

its okay.

i gave you bad voting for only the game. i cant vote you good only cause your new to making games. but looks good for a starter. my first game wasnt a gtaV either.