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Very cool game.

This is a very cool game, it has a lot of potentials, I enjoyed the cast of characters and the boss fights.

I enjoyed this game but I didn't like the flashy lines, they keep distracting me from playing, maybe you can add an option to remove them or make them more subtle, and I also really dislike the spike traps, I can explore the areas with no hit from enemies but then I always get surprised by spike traps, I don't know if this is intentional or not because compared to the rest of the game, it's quite easy so I just found it inconsistent.

But it's still a good game, looking forward to the full game.

Such a cool little indie game, I liked the secrets and the ending.

Awesome, looking forward to seeing it, I wishlisted it on Steam.

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This is a wonderful game, I really enjoyed it a lot, except the last 2 rooms, I played Impossible Mode, I learned how every mechanic works but not the fireworks, in the room before last, I could see the killer snowflakes and ice falling but the fireworks were too fast to escape after I react, and in the last room, the fireworks checkmate me every time I'm at the top, but I beat them by luck, I really wish you could make it more fair so that I keep playing Impossible Mode, anyway here is my score:

EDIT: I just played Rage Mode on my second run, well, I'm going to stick with Impossible Mode when the game comes out.

Really nice game, nice graphics, nice puzzles, nice controls.

This is great, I liked the puzzles.

Thank you.

Hey, thanks.

This is such a brilliant concept, I loved the swords' ropes get cut off if there was an enemy in the way, I wish there was a retrieve button to get the swords back instead of having to walk through them, but I really liked this.

Interesting idea, but it's not that hard, the ship starts with 100s of bullets, I also wish there was sound effects.

Cool concept, you can make tricky puzzles with this.

Very interesting take on the "Joined Together" theme, that was quite fun, wish there was some sound effects though.

Very adorable and fun, I loved the puzzles, the music and the graphics.


Some people can't even get past the first element puzzle, but I can still make an expert difficulty if you like.

Thank you.

ooh I like this,  this has potential for more puzzle elements, great job.

Very difficult puzzle and I like it, it's a charming game.

The game crashed and said Level 25 couldn't be loaded

This is a nice game, I liked the graphics and sound effects.

Does the game not have a scoring system, though?

Nice game, it's a little slow but I had fun.

Cool game, I loved that the instruments start when you touch specific dwarves.

Whoa that's a clever mechanic, I loved the way the strings work, very simple but can be complex.

Hey, thanks, it also grabs things that harm you.

Very cool idea, I loved controlling the turtles together, I didn't use much of the split button though, but cool game.

Very cute and incredible game.

Great game, I loved that last level, wish the white robot could do something special.

This was amazing, my PC couldn't handle too much processing and things were going crazy.

Got to 1 billion at least.

Good game, but having to control enemies costing me a half heart made me not want to control anybody.

I'm making a normal difficulty right now, it'll be available once the jam ends.

Thanks, I've never seen this crash before, I'll look into it.

Good game.

Thank you, although the sulfur ball is going to prevent most people from seeing the complete game (you actually have to hold the jump button), I did learn several things during this jam.

Do you mean this one?

Yeah, I really regret putting the switch up there, originally it was at the bottom right but I thought it was too easy, I should've kept it there, I don't know how many people stopped playing because of it.

I was really afraid it wouldn't fit the theme, I tried coming up with something and I thought combining 2 balls would be good enough, oh well, it's my first game jam after all.

Neat and cute game.

I think it would be better if the (Z) and (X) button were a little lower, like between the right and down arrow buttons vertically, which could make lines drawn more clear.

Thanks, they are scorpions btw.

I guessed it was Magicavoxel (I played with it and modelled my apartment), you could have added a go-to-start-position button.

The chain movement is pretty interesting.

How many levels have you intended to make?

Wait, secret level? I couldn't find anything.

I got there by pressing (Space) to combine them and I don't recall exactly what happened but suddenly the one outside went offscreen and then I moved down.