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Very slow at the moment. Our programmer doesn't have time to work on it much due to his job.

The game is still up and running. There hasn't been an update in awhile, but it is being worked on slowly

Most of the backend changes are done, just fixing bugs it caused atm

It is, albeit very slowly. Real life is making it hard for use to work on Survius due to lack of time. As such, we have no idea when the next update will be ready

Sorry for the late reply. Yes, we are still working on the game, but have no ETA on when the next update will be released due to so much core code being changed.

Survius community · Created a new topic New Ownership

As of a few days ago (or a week now?), I purchased Survius from chaozz. We are currently transferring everything over to me, but there should be very little, if any, downtime for Survius.

The plans for the future are very short sighted at the moment: finish transferring the game. Development is planned, but what content outside of bug fixes is unknown at the moment.

A problem with out mail system has been fixed. Account creation and login should now work again!

Survius community · Created a new topic Seizure Warning!

Seizure warning! The camera will sometimes have issues in tight areas causing anything from slow to violent shaking!

The problem should be fixed now. For those of you who had this issue, please try making your account again. Thank you

It should now be working again

There is currently an error, "Error 526: Invalid SSL Certificate", preventing account creation. We are aware of this and trying to get this fixed as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience.

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The Survius team is aware of the "Error 526: Invalid SSL Certificate" preventing account creation. We are trying to get this fixed as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience.

It's a very fun game. You can use Hamachi to play with your friends (it allows you to play LAN over the net). The connection can be a bit buggy, but the game runs fine. It's a lot of fun and pretty intense :)

Stumbled across the game, and it's pretty fun. Play as Pluto and get your payback on the rest of the planets. Great idea and great game :)

This update allows for zombies to spawn all over the map. Players isn't something we can change. People play when they want and on different servers.

The game was down while the servers were being updated. It should now be up, so try downloading the game again and installing it.

Try making a thread on the forums and we can help you more there.

The launcher doesn't work, but I can manually start the exes. The game is pretty fun, but it will get better when you have the resources to develop it more :)

I'm also from MI and can play on all but the AS servers. What pings are shown for you on the servers?

Scrap metal (should) only drop from the plane that flies over head. You have to get to its drop quickly.

New version is out, everyone! Have fun and hope to see you in game! If you find any bugs, then please post it in the forums.

You have to redownload and install the game

The download links are now working. Have fun in game!

There was a bug the froze the game while loading so chaozz took the link down. Hopefully it will be back up later today.

Yep, that was the link I was referring to. Chaozz is wworking on it and trying to get the issue fixed. Should be posted some time tomorrow. :)

To everyone having issues with joining the game or the links being broken: Chaozz is working on a fix right now and will have the fix out as soon as he can.

Great game! Only thing that I think could use work is how the large map(s) are/will be loaded since they cause a lot more lag. I do understand that it needs the map loaded to have the npcs fight each other, but there maybe there's a way to make it so that it doesn't use so much of the system keeping the map loaded when the player is only on a piece of it.

It should download but shouldn't open. Just download winrar or 7zip to open it

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I did try to play around with the settings, but they didn't help my laptop too much (it's good at running 90's games and not much else), but I did notice that the menu lags as much as the game which might make it harder for some players to change their settings. An option to turn the fish off as well might help, not sure though. It really is nice looking when playing on the normal settings though

Wandered around a bit, it's beautiful! Doesn't run well on my laptop but it's still great :D