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Open World Multiplayer Zombie Survival Game · By Mohenjo Daro

New Ownership Sticky

A topic by Mohenjo Daro created Nov 03, 2020 Views: 1,745 Replies: 13
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As of a few days ago (or a week now?), I purchased Survius from chaozz. We are currently transferring everything over to me, but there should be very little, if any, downtime for Survius.

The plans for the future are very short sighted at the moment: finish transferring the game. Development is planned, but what content outside of bug fixes is unknown at the moment.

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Hello! Are you still actively working on this game? 


Sorry for the late reply. Yes, we are still working on the game, but have no ETA on when the next update will be released due to so much core code being changed.

Hello! is this still being worked on?


It is, albeit very slowly. Real life is making it hard for use to work on Survius due to lack of time. As such, we have no idea when the next update will be ready

How's development going? Hope its doing  alright!


Most of the backend changes are done, just fixing bugs it caused atm

Thanks for responding. Looking forward to deveopment

Buenaas se puede descargar el juego y jugarlo o esta inactivo?


The game is still up and running. There hasn't been an update in awhile, but it is being worked on slowly

How's development going?


Very slow at the moment. Our programmer doesn't have time to work on it much due to his job.

Hola, disculpe la molestia.
Hace dos años jugue el juego, pero la  verdad que tuve un compoartamiento inadecuado y me bannearon del juego, despues de dos años quiero volverlo a jugar , pero sigo banneado, le pido mis más sinceras disculpa, y le pido con total sinceridad que me den otra oportunidad para volver a usar el juego, mis datos de usuario son los siguientes: 
Correo electró
Unido:2020-06-01 09:19:07

DE verdad le ruego me de otra oportunidad

This game is dead with no players and several bugs. It's a shame I actually enjoyed spending some of my time playing and reporting bugs.

Who knows, maybe in the future someone will pick up the project again and bring it back to life.