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Just wanted to add, did you know that this game leads into  <-this game? With the sword following and the little friend at the end. Its a not-so-sequel-sequel.

Yknow. If you wanted to make another Lets Play  xD

But I guess this is an older bad version, and is being updated soon, so maybe wait for the update before you play.

This is a link to the devlog here on itch for the game so you can an idea of what it is. If you're still interested, you can drop me a line at wobblek which is my at hotmail dot com email, and I can give you so much more (secret) information about the game.

There are 6 endings!

I wrote the dialogue, Im glad you liked it  :)

I'll have Fred give a poke at the programming, and fix the dash-jump timing thing, and see about more time for the ending blurbs.

Thank you for your feedback!

If you're still looking for something, I have a game I've been working on that is going to need music?

It has a title now! And we're 90% done, just need to add music and sfx and it will be DONE.


I love this game idea, and the art is just adorable.

I am absolutely psycho laugh pose.

I look forward to it being done so I can play!

Looking very cute! I love the sprites, I love the concept. I'd go with the 2nd screen- the one with the restaurant menu on it, because it's pasta but also implies some kind of date, I'd change the menu font to something not in cursive because some people can't read cursive. The only thing I'm not into are the backgrounds. They look like doctored photos and I personally don't think real to life backgrounds work well with overly cartoony artwork. Other people might feel differently, but that's where I am with it.

Thank you  :)

I like it, it's really cute! 

Will there be an english release?

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So, I do the redditgifts thing, and the person I matched with for Arbitrary Day is super into digital art, cute things, unicorns, and cards against humanity type humor. So NATURALLY, I needed to make a game because I hate having free time, ha! I have a deadline of July 24th to, at the very least, release a playable demo.

It's an adorable fantasy/adventure platformer, with supercute characters, multiple endings, six planned levels and a surprisingly cohesive story. I was trying to keep it small, because Mila's Tropical Paradise is my big, big game and I don't want to distract my time away from that too much... but I have ADHD and sometimes I get wild and excited about things and then they just like. Expand. From ideas.

This screenshot is not in the actual game, I was putting things together in a mock-up to see how the assets worked together. That unicorn is the playing character, and you do get to encounter that cute broom-flying witch lady in the game.

There will definitely be a PC release, considering also releasing on mobile.


I blew through the art fairly quickly, it was so fun! As I do the art and writing bits, my love takes what I do and does the programming. The game is basically complete now, we just need to do the music and sfx and it will be up! I am so excited.


Game is done and up! Someone did a lets play of it ALREADY? And we got a few notes, so we're implementing updates today.

Still working on it!

I compiled a list of everything I need to draw for what I want to do, so I can keep track of everything. Mila is a big game, compared to the little ones my love usually does. I've been working out lists of recipes and what they make, and my love created an actual language, so for secret coding and such, we'll use an actual real language so maybe you can learn something when you play  xD  I'm waffling between using my love's language and tokipono, because tokipono is awesome.

I've also been hashing out boarding for cut scenes. They look nice. Boarding is one of the things I find is hard to do.

My photoshop has been super difficult the past week or so, which makes it hard to do art for Mila, so Im using it as an opportunity to focus on the other parts of it.

I will let you know, but mostly I'm just planning on posting updates here, in this thread  :)

We are still working on it!  We were blasted by a heat wave this weekend and I went all manly for Father's Day, pitching a tent and sleeping in it for two nights in the backyard with my children. But I didn't forget about you guys, or about Mila. I did get around to making the splash page pretty, so here you go:

Ughh the art is so cute, I want this to be a dungeon crawler video game so I can play it  =_=

The art is incredibly cute, I'm excited to read this  :D

I think your art is really cute! I like your character designs, your layout for the wintery scene, all very nice.

While I'm not super into rhythm games, I think it's a neat idea - like, old school pixel rpg, but instead of fading to a tactics battle, the battles are rythum, it's neat in an unexpected way  :) Just be careful for like, slow baby players like me, who need some slow rhythm beats to start because my fingers can't move very fast  xD;;

Spent a chunk of yesterday and most of today working on Mila, as I create the art assets, my love puts them right into godot and does the programming to build the game.

Here's a screenshot, to give an idea of how the actual game will look, it's fairly sparse right now and this isn't the actual level design, just a mock-up example with some assets I put together to see how the colors and sizes fit. In the actual game, the assets will be animated - like, the trees will sway, the bushes will floof when you walk through them, the crab will chase and attack you- SNIPPY SNIPPY! -and the ocean will move like waves, in and out, and looks pretty rad. The ocean asset here is just like, a single frame stand-in for about where it's going to go.

The backpack opens with the inventory (tbh, it has the cutest bouncy animation).

The game will have controller support, and could also be played with just a keyboard.

This screenshot isn't actual size, I scaled it down, so it wouldn't be too big for this forum  :D So please excuse the slight blur on the text and such.

Thank you!  The animations will indeed be sweet, I look forward to being able to share all this work with people. I hope people love it as much as I do  <3

Thank you :)   I'm excited to be making it.

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Mila's Tropical Paradise is a game about a girl whose parents force her on vacation away from her beloved wifi-infused city life, and onto a plane headed for a vacation. The plane crashes on a dangerous island, they survive, but then her parents mysteriously disappear. Mila has to fend for herself in the wilderness, battling and mystery-solving her way to the center of the island, uncovering it's secrets, rescuing her family and learning a truth about the world she lives in.

At the moment, we're defining it as an open-world adventure/survival game, with RPG elements, but the definition will probably change as we go along. It has influences of Zelda games, Don't Starve and Crashlands. At the moment, we're going for the game to have a light, bright, bouncy adventure feel to it.

Definite features:

-sweet, sweet animation, including 2D animated cut scenes

-can be played with controller, or not-complicated keyboard controls

-multiple endings

-real time monster fighting

-strategic, real-time boss battles


-Kid friendly

-Secret areas/hidden treasures



-Different biomes to adventure in, as you make your way to the island's core

-RIDING A LITTLE BOAT!  :D Yay boats. Also, upgrading that boat to be BADASS.

-hot Dads! Wooo!

-questionable fashion sense

-Its gonna be pretty. Oh so pretty. This is still mostly a sketch, but gives you an idea of the art style (there is more art in later posts):

We're a tiny 2-person dev team, just me and my love. All the art assets are created in Photoshop CS6, the animation and programming is done in Godot. For the cut scenes, the storyboards are done in Photoshop CS6, animation is done in Toom Boom Animate Pro 3, and it's all cut together in Sony Vegas Pro 14. (We haven't done music things yet, but I'll update this main post, to include the music info as we get it done).

I'm hoping to have the game fully voiced as well. That would be awesome, but really depends on what we can and can't do in the thick of it.

10%:  Key designs are mostly done, Main story is plotted out, and some side quests. Game mechanics are decided, some storyboards for cut scenes, there is a solid plan for the UI. Programming has begun, setting up an animated test scene with some of the gameplay elements, and an inventory has been visually created in-game, and can be opened and closed.


Here's a screen compilation, to give an idea of what the game actually looks like.


Here's Updated art things, a finished version of the above sketch:

And that's all for now!