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I love the idea of building "sections" like Carcassone does :) I also think the palette is great. Good job!

Thank you for your kind words :D

This game is great! :D I think it really follows the theme of the jam! Congratulations

Very polished game. Love the graphics and animations :) Enjoyed it a lot

fun but short

cool idea but very difficult

Love the intro!

cool game :) Even multiplayer! Congrats on finishing your first game.

Wow pretty complex game! A bit of ambient music would have been nice. Other than that very much like a "mini" Elite tribute. Please share the Pico8 cartridge :)

Cool to see that you too made a pico8 game! Very addictive. Could you share the cartridge file too?

funny little game

I unfortunately don't have any windows machine but the screenshots look very good. I like the character different faces they look kawaii ^^

@M.S.T.O.P. hahah the chickens passing through the walls is a feature! :P

I love the idea. It reminds me the time I expent fishing in the lake in Zelda OOT. I'm missing some ambient sound or music while you fish, since you need to wait for a bit. And some adjusted prices at the shop. Other than that very cool game.

Cool idea and nice for being done in 1h. It keep me entertained for a while trying to see what was coming next for each tile.

Nice concept but a bit repetitive after a while

Simple game but addictive. Nice idea!

Awesome! an infinite bullet with old-school feel!

@OptionSelect there are infinite eggs in this version. We had the idea of taking X eggs in some time, otherwise the eggs hatched. But we didn't have the time to implement it

Good game for being "code noobs" (as you said, not me). I think even that you started late, you managed to code something good enough. Time to complete it :) Keep the good work going!

Looking at the screenshots it looks very cool. I like that you chose to have 4 color palette that looks like the old gameboy :) Looking forward to that web version if you do it, since I don't have windows to try it.

Really old school feel. I only missed some kind of tune like when you played galaga for example. Other than that I think it's well done and fits perfectly with the 64x64 rule.

Fun game and adictive! I like the face of the guy when you miss a letter, quite funny.

Very nice art! I like also that you chose the 4 color palette for it. The only thing I didn't enjoy that much was while I was sailing because I didn't know what to do. I though it was just bout combats in the water until I suddenly reached an island (and a crab killed me!) For the rest I do like it a lot. Congrats!

Super funny concept. Very nice intro screen. It would have being nicer with some music too. But overall I had fun with it

Very original but I think it's a bit difficult :) Anyway, I enjoyed it

Simple and very very adictive. Cool music too!

Game is still work in progress but we wanted to share it.

Could you do a 360 video? For the PSVR people that don't have a PC :) Great job btw!

Even if you break some rules of the jam I still think your game looks very beautiful. Please consider porting it to other platforms :D