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I think it's implied in-game that it might have been uh... I really wish Itch had spoilers. There is the line your mother says about how "Nobody really saw what he'd been going through" and I took that to mean Andrew.

Thank you! I fell in love with this system, but running things without prebuilt adventures lately is pretty hard for me. I appreciate this a lot. Any plans for a physical release, similar to what the corebook received?

I'm curious if you've considered porting this game to One More Multiverse as a module? I've been noodling with it as a way to play other lite systems and think MCS would be great on it. (It would also give me a way to play online without asking people to give me their G-drives which can be a breach of privacy for a lot of people.)

thanks I hate it

can we change the controls though?

Uh... That thing's in B/W and has no backlight, so it'd be impossible for me to see, and its control scheme is horrid. I wish you luck with it though, I guess...

I love this game. Only issue is that it feels like a PICO-8 game... because it is one. But if it ever gets a remake with more refined controls, and maybe some kind of multiple-lives system so I don't have to restart from one mistake, I would totally buy that.

Really appreciate the unique twist on one of my favorite games.

Thank you! I think what I'll end up doing is making a character that is very old and generally less able than younger players, but who can give some direction and context while my players and I all figure out the system.

It also might be interesting if this character is taken away from the party temporarily for any number of reasons related to their age or health. Or if they just sit in the bar like your companion in Witcher 3's first chapter, HEH.

I appreciate the clarification. Thank you for posting this errata. I'm sorry if the question is asked a lot. XD

Hi again! :) I wanted to let you know that I just received my physical copy in the mail and I love holding it in my hands. Thank you so much. It was such a pleasant surprise to wake up to.

I also have some questions about the system and how to run it, after reading the PDF all week in preparation. My biggest one is about the character the Guide makes. There is mention that they're supposed to be a mentor, but there is very little about what that entails mechanically in the Guide section or the Creating a Specialist section. Have I missed something? I'm not sure how I can run a game and also play a character without either risking narrative dissonance or accidentally playing a DMPC.

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Thank you! That had the raw map on it, which was what I needed. Also, I figured out how to make a copy of the G-drive sheets. If you're in contact with the person who made it, could you tell them that I appreciate it very much? :)

Hello. :) My friends and I would love to play this online, and the character keeper might be what we need (editable character sheets we can all share through google drive) but... I'm a little lost when it comes to using google drive for anything besides personal storage so uh, how do I actually copy this thing to my own g-drive for editing and private use among a group? Sorry if the question's a bit obvious to answer.

Also, because I need to run the actual game through Roll20, are there any plans to release raw images of the maps of the areas that we can import? I would actually pay a bit extra to have those resources since all of my games are run online and it would make setup much easier.

I know most indies don't mind this. I would've just liked a better option that didn't make me feel gross...

As for the others... The current offerings in "roll20 alternative" aren't really what I'm looking for. What I've tried in the past is using Owlbear Rodeo for maps, but I really just wish I had some online repo for peoples' character sheets, since most indie systems come with editable PDFs. Being able to upload those somewhere where everyone has access and edit them as we like, instead of having to send screenshots of them through Discord, would be amazing...

Having said that, after looking for such an option, I cannot find out, so maybe it isn't as simple as I assumed it might be...

The other thing I'd like to have is some way to actually draw collectively online for mapmaking games. While there are many options for this, there don't seem to be as many options for drawing cards from a deck live with other players besides using a random generator I found and screensharing on Discord. This takes away some tactility from the act though...

The problem with r20's alternatives, at least for me, is that they are considerably more complex than what I need, and sometimes equally front-loaded with bad tutorials as roll20 is. Learning my way around in r20 is overwhelming, and I feel the same way about Astral... Plus, their actual drawing functions (for mapmaking games) is about as good as Tabletop Sim's. (Which is to say, not good at all.)

I've never played tabletop games IRL. I just don't know that many people outside the internet, and none of my friends live near me so I have little choice, but I do know people who do play D&D offline and they make it sound considerably smoother even if you sacrifice QoL I consider pretty necessary. (Having to hand-write things sounds like a nightmare. I can't read my own handwriting...)

Let's address the elephant in the room first. Yes, I do know Roll20 exists. If Roll20 met my needs, I wouldn't be asking.

My friends and I recently started playing Wanderhome over TTS since there is a very good mod for it. However, that mod is pretty laggy and one of our players has ping over 150 at all times. (Because we're in America and she's in Europe, the joys of peer-2-peer...) We'll stick with this for as long as it's the best option, but I'm here looking for suggestions on other methods that might be less inconsistent.

As well, I would love to introduce my friends to games like Quiet Year and Cozy Town. Has anyone played a mapmaking system online? How did you do it? I need something that not only shows a shared whiteboard, but also the live results of dice and cards.

The final thing I want to ask is, well, probably a bit of a stretch, but I may as well try. Is there a way to play a TTRPG online that does not require everyone buying the sourcebooks? It's really difficult to get my friends into new systems that don't have SRDs or (good) playkits, and few indie systems really have any method of testing at all. This is pretty much the only reason I continue to use Roll20 at all besides its character sheets sometimes being blessed with automation, but most of the systems that interest me aren't on Roll20 and don't even have character sheets there. Is there some TTRPG equivalent of Parsec I could use, that lets people look through my copies of a PDF without having to give them the books?

Understood. I hope you're getting through it. Thank you so much for this cute little game. I've been soloing it to get through my own mental stuff. :)

I check back here every so often to see if the last goal and the erratas were uploaded and I'm curious if those are still planned? The last update was from July, it seems.

I've gotten a few friends interested and will be saving for a hardcopy. I will definitely remember to notify you once I've purchased it in that case.

Also, I didn't know libraries took TTRPG books until today, ha.

I appreciate that a lot. I was very much punching this game into my budgeting goals today, trying to figure out where to fit saving for it in, but the community copies being restocked was a godsend and I thank you kindly for it.

I do wish it was possible to add to the amount we paid on community copies like we can with purchases though, so I could properly pay for it when I have the funds though.

Thank you so much, again. What a nice thing to find when I checked my messages. :)

Hello. :) I have two questions.

1. Is there a way to preview how the system works? I've fallen in love with the setting at first blush, but I struggle with TTRPG systems and wanted to get a read on if it will be easy for me to run and understand.

2. How much do we have to pay to contribute to the community pool?

That's fine... Also, thanks, heh. I can do much better though.

Hello. :) I purchased a TTRPG system last year, and own another TTRPG system from the same developer in the Racial Justice bundle that was running last year.

Admittedly, I didn't... check what all was in that bundle at the time (and wasn't really donating to it for the games) so this might be a little on me, but I decided to go through it and see what all was in there. I see something that has actually been on my wishlist for a while and try downloading it, but the page gave me a 404.

I thought, "Well, maybe the bundle key expired or something." So I think to go to the page and just purchase it. I really enjoyed the other things this dev made and thought, "Why not?" But their page is completely gone, and I can't even download the other things I bought from them anymore. To clarify: Only one thing was (apparently) obtained through a bundle. The other system I purchased from them was something I paid for directly, but even that link no longer works.

I also cannot find the developer's contact info anywhere. Their Twitter is protected, their Patreon is dead, and they seem to have vanished. They weren't some scam artist or asset flipper, I actually did receive a product that was polished and (far as I know) not stolen. I've no idea why they've vanished from everywhere.

Can someone help me out?

The developer was Purple Aether games.

The game I purchased is a lite TTRPG system called Journey Away. It is actually quite good, especially for low-stress. It's a shame it cannot be obtained anymore.

The system I wanted to download from the Racial Justice bundle is called Next Horizon. Similar vein as Journey Away, but meant to accompany a free agnostic system by the same developer of both.

Even if it is impossible to restore downloads for previous customers, I would still love to know what happened to them. I'd been looking for something like their work for a long while and I'm sad to see it go.

I hate this. I'm bookmarking it. Gonna come back to it and try to beat my score.
Phenomenal work.

imgur link because itch hates uploads I guess.

Hello. :) This game is adorable. I noticed what looks like a small error on both the Fall and Winter oracle pages though: They both read "A Time of Reflection" and "Draw from the Clubs suit." I'm guessing it should read "Draw from the Spades suit" for Winter, along with Winter's unique text?

Ah, thanks for the reply. I'm glad I could help.

Hello. I have a question about the community pool. I initially saw the game was $15, and adding to the community pool would take $25 (an extra $10.) However, I noticed the price went up by $20, but when I purchased the game at $25, the community pool still listed this as its goal price. I was curious if my purchase counted toward the community pool, and if not, can I still add an extra $5?