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Hello. :) My friends and I would love to play this online, and the character keeper might be what we need (editable character sheets we can all share through google drive) but... I'm a little lost when it comes to using google drive for anything besides personal storage so uh, how do I actually copy this thing to my own g-drive for editing and private use among a group? Sorry if the question's a bit obvious to answer.

Also, because I need to run the actual game through Roll20, are there any plans to release raw images of the maps of the areas that we can import? I would actually pay a bit extra to have those resources since all of my games are run online and it would make setup much easier.


Hey Mushrooms!

I believe you should hit File and there should be an option to save a copy. I didn't make the sheet tho so I can't say for certain. As for the art, I'm not sure what you mean by maps, but we have an art drive we've made publicly available, and you're very welcome to extract the images from the book (if you rename the PDF to a .zip it should allow you to unextract the contents). I'll follow up this comment with a link to our drive when I get back home.



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Thank you! That had the raw map on it, which was what I needed. Also, I figured out how to make a copy of the G-drive sheets. If you're in contact with the person who made it, could you tell them that I appreciate it very much? :)