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Sorry for not responding to all comments, this is an issue that we never had while developing and I can't reproduce it. Can you try a different browser? Does it happen automatically or when you press something?

Very unique game, fun to play.

My only complaint would be the notches when moving dice or items are small and hard to hit

The atmosphere is amazing, very snappy controls

Thank you! A level counts as complete the moment one dice is placed within a dedicated zone (which varies depending on the level). There's no dice limit other than maybe technical limits, so it's more about finding an approach. Building a mountain works, but isn't the most effective way.

I posted this somewhere below:

Got around to testing it myself, it seems ctrl and either '+' or '-' will zoom in or out, but it goes from default to impossibly small or large. Maybe you can delete your cookies if + and - can't help to get back to default

It's definitely a bit buggy, and I'm sorry about the game crash, though I don't know what could have caused it.

Not in the game, we only used that light blue there

Good point, we never really talked about that when we made it. So it didn't occur to us that that may not be something everyone just does by default :D

Hi, thank you! Yes, that was the idea. The pencil breaking may be a bit extreme, but basically you can only draw on paper. We later realized that another color (maybe light brown) would have been better to make it look more like a desk behind the paper.

We only tested it using a mouse or touch controls, trackpad sounds interesting though:D

Unique concept and great game, many interesting puzzles.

Thanks! Yeah we changed the controls a few times, but it's something we'd have to look at if we continue with it.

Good point, maybe a death shouldn't restart the whole level. That's something we would have to try out. Thank you!

Thanks a lot!

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Auto-rotating could be nice, thanks for the feedback :).

We prefer tank controls but maybe direct inputs could be used on wasd with the current movement behavior on the arrow keys.

Thanks, that means a lot!

We initially used direct controls so that pressing UP always moved your character up instead of forward to where it is facing.  This made the enemies much harder to predict though. How do you think we could improve it?

We used this song:

It's also listed in the credits (a sign in the village).

Thank you.

Yeah, sometimes it can be hard to quickly see the rotation of enemies. For next steps better visual communication would be one of the first things to do.

Incredibly fun to just swing around and fight. Movement is great, the fact that you can grapple and tether at the same time allows for some interesting midair fights.

Audio and varied enemy models may be missing, but the game makes up for it!

Thanks :)

Thank you

I really like the concept and the art is nice. Timed blocks make the gameplay challenging.

Understanding why the enemies move the way they do, does make planning ahead difficult sometimes.

Nice game!

Amazing game, it's very polished and has great puzzles!


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Thank you :)

Got around to testing it myself, it seems ctrl and either '+' or '-' will zoom in or out, but it goes from default to impossibly small or large.

Maybe you can delete your cookies if + and - can't help to get back to default

Hey, sorry for the late response.

How did you zoom in? I tried this in my browser, but I don't know of any way to zoom here.

Thanks for the feedback.

There is now a level selection which lets you continue where you left off or play levels you have previously solved.

We had already implemented it when porting the game, but had not updated this version until now.

Wow, thanks. Yea, we had a lot more ideas, but the 48 hours stopped us from doing it all

Thanks, the map view was what we started with for gameplay, the first person view was added afterwards .

Wow, incredible game. Fells really great to play and the puzzles are clever

Cute design and clever puzzles, the title fits. It would be easier if I spend two seconds reading the tutorial messages.

Gameplay feels smooth and is challenging. Great idea and nice visuals!

Thanks, that means a lot.

You don't need momentum for that one, there's enough space for two ramps that are just flat enough for the chicken to walk on.

Thank you!

:D wow, i don't think we ever tried this

Thanks,yea the corner hitbox is a bit annoying

Thanks for the feedback.

I'm afraid we are not currently working on the game anymore. The idea of only having a single line (and no eraser) was part of the game jams theme, and we're quite happy to keep it that way.

Difficulty spikes/drops happen because we did not have the time during the jam to let people playtest the levels and rank them by diffuculty.

If ever continue developing the game things like level ordering and level selection will be some of the first things we do.

Wow, thanks for the comprehensive comment.

The "size hard to tell" complaint we've gotten quite a lot now, so if we were continue the game we would propably try to find a better hitbox (instead of just a single collider).
As for the drag-click issue, i think it's just the timer we used. If you click for more than 0.2 seconds it counts as a drag.

Slope limitation goes into a similar direction as marking the slope red when it can't be climbed, but completely preventing steep lines might feel even better. Then you wouldn't be able to draw vertical lines to make the chicken turn around, so i'm unsure about how well that would play out.

I've answered this in a nother comment as well, the order of the levels is a bit random. It's hard to judge difficulty when your'e the one making it :)

Thanks again for the feedback, it's appreciated!