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Good to know! I wonder if you manage to create the Switch version with your engine and if the other big white pieces will be available to fight in the future. Happy Easter and keep going!

That’s good news! Will the sale be applied to the Switch version as well? I am learning Javascript, and I don’t know how to manage cross-platform games for now, so I can’t understand quite well the hurdle, but the fact you managed to surpassed it is indeed something to celebrate and be proud on. Have a good day and Happy Easter, if you celebrate it this weekend!

Not only I know Thund, but I tested both version of Soul’s Spectrum (at least until the final version, which was a mystery for me). In my review on Steam I am even said that on my review, because I didn’t want to sound like a random guy who just passed by and reviewed the game.

As Thund said, I am a maker, not good as him, though I even partecipated to the IGMC with him. So I am worried about this situation as a friend of Thund.

Well, I made my research since I don’t have any experience on publishing a game and I don’t like this fact at all, since it’s ruining the game and the developer, who worked hard for 15 months (and it’s still working for fixing bugs and have some support for the players).

From the very start of them, you can already see the suspicious people you noticed. If you look at the profile of some of them, you can see the reviews they made. Mostly are positive and many of them reviews the same games (Ravenage’s free games and some others like StormEdge: Wind of Change which is one of the not-Ravenage games, but with many review from the same people who “reviewed” this game).

If you look at SteamDB, you see a insanely high amount of players (even before the release), but no one talk about this game. No forums, no reviews, anything.

What I can say is this: Thund is not responsible of this, and this whole situation is weird and we can make up what happened (I am not saying anything). If you like original puzzle games, this is one of them. You can get for free both the Prologue and Demo and the whole game will last at least 10 hours and it’s not linear, making this a puzzle metroidvania with a dark story an ambientation and dynamic soundtrack.

Again, it’s a shame this happened. We are frustrated as you for this.

I’d like to know more about Neocities and the YouTube Channel! For the rest, I’ll wait! Have a good day!

I played that one! Can’t wait to see what you will give to us next time!

You don’t have to apologize! That was the only thing I found, but you can fully enjoy the game anyway! Congratulations for making even the engine, it seems a really complicated task! Will you use it for other games in the future?

I liked the game really much. The only problem I noticed is you can walk for a bit when you are talking with someone if you have timing. Atmosphere and the music are good, graphics too and overall a good game. You are improving really much!

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It’s a surprise seeing Theia: the Crimson Eclipse here.

I played the original version (when it was not Orihalcon yet) and it was a experience. The good kind. Unforgettable.

It’s more of a love letter of JRPG, it’s a game made with love and hard work, years of hard hand-crafted work with a old engine which usually can’t do games with this high quality.

For me, as a developer, it was an example to see how games can be more than just mashing buttons and killing time, I really liked the story (even if now I can see some plot holes here and there), but at that time, I wanted to know more and to know more about that world and uncovering its mysteries.

I don’t know if I can say it changed my life, but surely it changed how I see games. I know it can be too much as a statement, but I really love MissingSeven’s games and I can’t wait to be amazed as years ago with his new game, 5th Era. It’s truly an inspiration for little indie developers like me.

Some parts are kinda outdated like the difficulty system and some endgame grinding for overcoming the hardest challenges the game has to offer, it’s like the only part I didn’t like that much. However, with the varied custom battle animations and high quality music, along with the intuitive and innovative battle system even now with tons of quests to do, this problem can be easily avoided.

Long story short, if you truly like long and well done JRPGs, make yourself a favor and play this game.

Can’t you “crack” your own game and getting the failed? It’s sad losing everything and I am sorry for hearing that, I went through it.

Thank you so much for playing it! You shouldn’t have!

Impressive entry, especially from the graphics side!

I liked preparing potions with different ingredients and tools that worked only for certain ingredients.

I don’t feel the game really random though. Maybe giving some random ingredients every day of the game?

Audio was really nice and the game was really polished.

This will be high rated for me, and for good reasons.

Well, I really liked this one! You made a full-fledged game with RPG Maker in 10 days!

The only thing I can say is to make enemies more gimmicky, for making the game more varied and fun.

Congratulations, one of my most favourite games of this jam!

Tried the game, it’s nice all the cards have a piece of the game lore. I really want to know my deck and using it though, you can add risk and reward mechanics, like cards with some effects or skills that can affect the RNG.

Graphics is well done, music is on point.

I will suggest to remove the unskippable cutscene and making it skippable for who is interested only on the gameplay.


You put some interesting ideas there. Double life, choose your upgrade after some time and a general character development. I don’t know why sometimes I can’t shoot though, while picking up the Bullet Stun upgrade.

Well done for this entry!

Good entry!

I would suggest to make both fists unique instead of the same attack (for example, one is ranged and deal few damage and the other one a closer attack, but can one-shot enemies) and making something that increase tension and fun during the gameplay.

For the rest, well done!

A well done jam entry!

I would have liked a faster character, I don’t mind moving on grid, but I feel so slow when moving.

Having more clues about the points you have, weapon type and some upgrade/changes to the game while playing can really improve the already good experience.

Can’t wait to see this prototype finished! One of my favourite jam entries for sure!

Welcome to the “let’s try to make a role playing game” club for this jam! I kinda tried to do the same.

3D graphics in a 2D game is not something I see often.

Keep working on it, maybe you can make a TTRPG version later like I am doing!

Tried the game.

It’s impressive to see a 3D entry here, well done!

The game can have potential for a proper release in the future, for me. Keep working on it!

Nice to see a roguelike cardbuilder here!

This idea is easily expandable in a full-fledged game, it reminds me of Onitama, a board game where you have units and “movement cards”. It was a particular 5x5 Chess.

I think even this game can easily and definitely be better just by reducing a lot the board. Wandering one tile at a time isn’t the best, but if the board is 4x4 or 5x5 then your idea can fit without any problem (like Michael Brough’s games, check them out).

For the rest, I liked this one and with some general polish in terms of design and fun you can go far. Congratulations for this impressive entry!

I found one of my best entries of the jam!

This is a near-perfect entry. I would improve a bit the blocks for making them less monotonous and the level generation, since sometimes you can have a straight line and easily win and sometimes a really hard one.

A nitpick I have to say is to make more clearer when the player used a shot and how much shots they have. If it weren’t for the game page, one can’t easily know you have just two shots for winning the game.

But for the rest, it’s a simple, fun, polished game.

Conceptually talking, the game is varied and it’s something I like in game, especially in a jam entry. It was a bit too slow though, that is the worst problem I had. For the rest, I had fun chasing spirits, getting points (130 one time) and avoiding enemies. I spawned in a board where I couldn’t move one time, thankfully I learned about Q and E. I can imagine this being a commercial game one day, you have some gimmicks and a valuable prototype.

I like a lot this game! Simple, but really effective. Got like 120 points before losing. Unfortunately I was expecting two colors instead five since the theme.

Surely one of the best and polished entries in the jam though, congratulations!

I took me a while figuring the game (for example, I thought to spend all my coins in cards and having 0 coins everytime), but after that, I can confirm it’s a good game. Can’t wait to see what you will do next!

Nice design for the game, it reminds me a bit the insult battles of Monkey Island. Nice humor too. I want to have more options (so length of the game) and better backgrounds.

Good job!

Managed to win and…here we are!

It’s a good game, but I prefer a shorter bout, it feels too long for me.

I noticed some details like higher values = faster speed, which is good having that risk & reward.

It’s a really original experience and can’t wait to see what you have in store of the commercial release! Have a good day!

Tried the game! One of the best scores I got was 1100. I think the game is really good and It’s both polished and fun, but a bit of the expense of the theme (for example, you could have two random powerups on the floor and two enemies at a time. The arsenal is fine).

I didn’t get if you can heal somehow (like getting X points) and any visual feedbacks for the weapon usage, you have to keep mentally if you used already your weapon or not (it’s more of a nitpick, but a really nice to have).

I hope you will continue the game, seems promising so far!

Tyranny of Two it’s a good experience and entry.

The only complaints I have are:

  1. I prefer two tougher enemies instead two respawning enemies. They don’t even respawn twice, it’s a shame because you could have been more faithful to the theme with less;

  2. I don’t like getting the same reward in two different orbs, you should make always two different rewards unique to the orb.

For the rest I really liked that, one of the most enjoyable experiences I had with this jam entries.

You can change the gameplay with the rewards, different weapons and different speed for both player and weapon, modifiers too! I think you managed to make every run different with this.


Tried the game!

I am not really good on this games, I got like 2000 points on Easy and…I got insulted a lot, which is not a good thing to do.

For the rest, this is one of the most polished and well done games on this jam, which is really good. You will surely win some category, if not the whole jam.

Music is really great even if basic on some parts (but well used, which is important), graphics gets the job done, but for me it’s too much focusing on which button I should press AND remembering the time without visual and audio clues (for example: telling “C” and “G” instead of high and low pitch sounds).

But again, I think this entry will go far.

Tried the game!

I liked the entry, since Platforms are one of my favourite genres.

Some tips for improving the game: add some player feedback before swapping, so the player know when it’s time to swap, instead missing the jump because of that. Also, jumping below the platforms can be a nice touch. Good work overall!

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Really polished game! Movement is good and attacking too, you have enough player feedback during the fight. I don’t know if it’s me, but I can’t hear any sound or music and a bit more of understanding what’s going on can really help (especially when you get hit or what the number upper the enemy means).

This really has potential for being a commercial release, good entry!

That is my problem too, but I am improving every jam and that is important :) I am happy you will continue the game, feel free to let me know when the update will be ready! Have a good day!

Tried the game.

This game can really benefit from a difficulty slider or modes, so people can reduce or increment the amount of cards on screen. Maybe even editing the speed.

It’s a game which does it’s job and a good entry, the trick of mixing cards is always fun and the fact requirements changed during the game make the game more chaotic and fun. Congratulations!

Tried the game!

This for me hits differently since you talk about mafia and… I am Italian D:

Back to the game.

For a Game Jam the game can be more easier and understandable, but it’s fun anyway after you get the hang of it.

I like how you can manage your cards (and the fact you can buy custom ones for giving more agency to the player) and the whole “puzzle-roguelike” thing.

The game feels polished and complete and it’s hard to see in a entry. Well done!

Tried your game and defeated 5 enemies. The game is fun and can be more fun with just two forms and just two worlds, I was about to insert four elements in my game too, but I refused and inserted light and darkness instead. As you slightly said in the page, it’s hard to reach the platforms. I think with some polish, this is going to be a chaotic Smash-like experience or like Super Crate Box.

This is the most minimalistic take on a theme I have seen, but this is a good thing since jams are about making a game in a short time and you have to be prepared on every problem (so don’t be like me which encounters problems everytime :D ). The game is quite fun and getting that heart for extra chances is a extra layer of reward that really helps making it a good game, since balancing the game especially with randomness is important and you made an interesting entry. Congratulations!

Definitely a unique take of the theme! And a fun one too! The only weird things are people’s money not updating (or maybe it’s me) and how the bet will be locked on the maximum money we have instead of a higher bet and going bankrupt with negative money. Again, really well done!

Finished the game! It was too short, but it’s reasonable for this jam. The presentation is really well done and the whole entry is nice. Well done!

This is a original entry! Only the presentation and some lack of clearness (for example: I prefer to have more clues about the reversed spell instead just looking at the enemy’s eye for a bit, like having the flower in the eye for the duration of the spell and some clues in the reversed and so changed skill’s graphics) ruin a bit of the game, but for the rest…not bad! You made a good job!

This is truly one of the most enjoyable puzzle games I played on this jam. Not too easy, not too hard and with lots of ways for solving the puzzles. Well done! The music gets me nostalgic because I used it for one of my games :D Have a good day! Congratulations again!