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I got this game on Steam as well. 

It was a cool experience, although I feel like the story was “dragging on” at some points. 

I got a interesting ending too. 

J’ai rien pigé, ou du moins pas grand-chose, mais j’ai passé un bon moment avec n-o-u-s.

Woah, génial! De la fine poésie. 

Loved the concept!


A interesting story, the subject matter might not be for everyone, but I like the fact its was created because of the “rape day” controversy. 

While the premise is interesting, the mix of 2 different art style (photorealistic and anime) is rather jarring. Also some dialogs come off as rather juvenile/childish. Not sure if it’s done on purpose. The combats are your typical RPG Maker fare. Nothing ground-breaking, but nice.  In the end, I'm not sure if I like this game or not. 

I did read this story a while ago and I have a good time with it. Cute romance.  

Now, it's not my usual type of visual novel, since I'm not a huge fan of romance, but the art is nice and its free.  

I'm impressed with this VN on all aspects. 

Graphics, storylines, endings and it’s free.   ^^


Nice romance (yuri) VN but some issues. The dialog box appears at the top so it hides the characters head. Also I had seen two BG missing error messages. Still playable to the end.  

While I understand the message, I feel its too "forced", like "all men gamer are bad and, if you're a woman, you need to hide your ID to be able to play online in peace". Yes, harassement online is not ok, but I still didn't like The Life of a Female Gamer.

Its only my opinion. 

I had read it on Steam. A great story, and I love the concept of some dialogs variations depending on your name chosen. 

J’ai adoré le concept. Il y aura-il une « version étendue » un jour ? Je verrais bien d’autres aventures de H.O.L.Y-かず5 en jeux ou en manga. 

Je ne me souviens plus si j’avais déjà commenté, mais j’ai bien aimé Caroline. Il est vrai que « l’ordi qui plante » fait expéditif, mais cela colle avec la limite des mots et le thème des hackers. 

I got “Who is Mike?” both here and on Steam, because it’s so good. The story got so many twists and turns. Even after I discovered all the endings, I wasn’t sure who was “real” anymore.

I had read Cupid on Steam. One amazing visual novel, with darker themes not used often in the VN genre.  

Another short and gripping story. It also got a big connection to The Night Fisherman. 
If you liked The Night Fisherman, you’ll enjoy The Outcast Lovers. 
Beautiful design, lots of choices to vary the dialogues, and 2 endings to discover. 
Go for it!

Well, I already comented on Steam about it. 

It's a great and gripping short story to discover.  


Brave Rock Games’ last visual novel (more recent release), Jiraiya’s short legend. 

Since the text had less than 4k words, it is very short to read. 10 minutes top and you’re done. 

While the price was decreased since its release, I still feel to be expensive for what you get, but it a nice story, with voice acting.

In other words, buy it. ^^

With slight adjustments for

"The tale of Little Red Riding Hood in visual novel, created with Visual Novel Maker. Since it is a tale, in 10-15 minutes it's done. There is a choice for 2 different endings, whether the big bad wolf gets his way or not. The music, taken from the public domain, is nice. The illustrations are good, but it's a strange mix of photos and cartoon characters. There's dubbing (a narrator), which is good for toddlers, but I found her voice a bit sleepy. The story is now available in several languages. "

I like it. There something that keeps my engrossed from beginning to end. Good job!

This game is so good, I bought it twice, on Steam and here!

I thought it might be nice to post it here as well:

A short tale, 10-15 minutes long and semi-linear, because some choices give you quick endings and there is only one path to follow to know the true end of the story. The music is nice. The pictures are in the same style as BRG's Red Riding Hood. Designed with Visual Novel Maker. [Simple chivos to have, for the 100% hunters. (does not apply here on] The dubbing - voice of the narrator - is more pleasant than Red Riding Hood's, but as I read quickly, I mutated it. :) 

French version available.

I'm glad its back! ^^