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Mia Blais-Côté

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To Kirillkrm

Hi. I think I can answer your question. On an unreleased game, the achievements don’t appear on the store page and in the library showcase. They show up after the game’s release.

  Proof from my own upcoming game (the screenshots are in French).

 In the library, it said I got the achievements, but you don’t see them.

 In the store page, the achievements are hidden.


I also got trouble to make the plugin work at first. Get refunded, brought it again, and managed to make it works.

It turns out I was not using the right files (I was using the 64 bit binaries both with Greenworks and the SDK), not all files were put in the right folder + SDK version 1.48.

Now, by getting the updated plugin with the Greenworks already included, SDK version 1.42 and the right files (32 bit binaries), everything works!

I think so. I had heard that Catalina block non authorized app. 🥺


It's there a ETA for a follow-up? 1 month, 2, more? 

While this is not something urgent, I would like to know when my 3 rpg maker mv games could be played online.

Thank you.

Hi. Not sure if this is the right place to post, but I had contacted the support to remove the file limit cap on 3 html games and I got no answer yet. I know the support team can be busy, but it's been a while since the email was sent. 

This is amazing! Now all my small Ren'py games on itchio (more then 15!) can be played in browser. Since the base resolution is large, I added the fullscreen button. 

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