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This Friday is an Creator Day!

This year for Black Friday we’re honoring our oldest tradition: we’re bringing back Creator Day! Ok the tradition isn’t that old, but this Friday (November 26th) from midnight pacific time to midnight on Saturday (24 hours) we won’t be taking any of our usual cut from any transactions. This means that outside of payment processor fees and taxes, creators will receive all of each purchase! 

So mark your calendars, add some projects to your collections for safekeeping, and get ready for 24 hours of supporting creators. 

Want to share your support? We’ll be looking for people sharing their favorite projects on twitter to retweet so make sure to tag your tweets with #itchiocreatorday so we can find them!

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Nice 🍃>:]🍃




It's great! 

This is lovely! Thanks! :)

Ohh this is great!

This Sound Really Cool I Might Have To Submit My New Game Demo To This!