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Mg beatz Icrowdx

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the music and sound effects perfect 10/10 

nice game but 2Gb lol

lol we all love brackeys but we can agree this is terrible 

wow the music am so loving the game

i love it simple and straight forward

lol this game is bad

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so perfect

thanks i will

thanks i will add music

this can be a very good Aim trainer for us who play a lot of shooting game , is very good i like it and am enjoying it , soo good

lol this is crazy and fun , i like the idea is the game generating automatically ?

damn this is good

my antivirus is not letting me to download it if you can make it playable on browser it will be appreciated

great idea , i like it so expandable i hope to see more of this game in the future

i will add more and check points i think i will change it to a laser 

thank you i appreciate your feedback i am taking a screenshot i will work towards that thank you

lol thanks am check yours now

thank you

thanks am also checking yours now

thanks let me also check on yours , i will work on some check points , and add more shapes

Thank you very much i will continue working on it thank you

thank you

wow i love it , the messages really made me keep going , i am a bit jealous because you nailed the ludum dare 47 theme ,i love this game , can i record myself playing it for a youtube video ? 

this is nice

wow is really difficult i might also make a game like this , but i like it

Unfortunately my antivirus is not liking it when i try to download , if you can make it to run on browser i will appreciate it  


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i love it

i will try and use space bar

thank you i will try and work on that , i also used that video to make this game , thank you

i like your game by the way i might record myself beating it lol

maybe i just suck in playing games , i will get used to it 

hi i been playing through the game , i have a problem with the controls , since there are no aiming shots i think it would be nice to use the keyboard only , and the jumping is not working fine , i can press d and w at the sametime is either one at a time , if you can work on that i will enjoy the game , thank you

Thank you i will take my time and research about it

Thank you very much , Vimlark version is very nice , i always wanted to port games to android but i dont know how it is done

Lol eix no man 

Thank you i will adjust the sound , thank you very much i will keep on working