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Bit of a confusing game, but it's a good start! If you expand on this, please improve user experience and feedback by adding more visuals and sounds. Also, make the tutorial very thorough, so there is no chance to misinterpret how the game works. Great work!

Best game, feels like a real game on a game store, 5/5 ⭐

The game feels great. I played it until I got a 1050 points, and then stopped because it was too easy and seemed like there was nothing else to see. Please make this a full game with more turrets, upgrades and different kinds of balloons!

Good game, 5/5. I think you have potential for an even bigger game here!
Just one improvement suggestion. Please give the player more air control while gliding! Thank you. =)

Fine game aesthetically, but there's a lot of bugs which made me quit the game. I saw the elevator, but no path to get there.

The bugs I wrote down to my notes:
- 3D sound seems to be reversed, so sounds coming from the right actually come from the left and vice versa.

- Shadows are buggy on walls that are below the player. Light does not affect them but walking into them lights them up.

- Enemy can get stuck near the end of the level.

- Invisible walls in some places are really annoying.

- Shooting is janky and annoying. There should be clear indicator on how many bullets you have in the gun and when the gun is ready to shoot again. Also not sure what the unloading mechanic is for. I guess you use it before reloading, but it didn't quite feel right. Feels too complicated and like it's just a distraction from gameplay.

Unfortunately, the submitted version of the game is really buggy, so I could not play it. Just a constant ringing sound and the enemy would fall off the elevator almost immediately. Also, the elevator seems to be going down, not up!

I hope there will be a playable version some time soon.

One of the best games I've seen this far hands down. You took the theme and created something unique and super fun.
Only thing I would improve is that the game is lacking dialogue so it's very repetitive. It's also very easy to survive the day as long as you ignore your computer, just drink coffee, and answer the phone when it ring while smashing the keyboard. Pretty realistic, I would say! :D

3/5, not really that interesting. Could do with more content and more mechanics.

Really enjoyable theme here. I see a lot of potential in this, but sadly it just did not feel as fun as it could have.

Rocks always spawn in the same place, making it easy to just steer out of the way in the beginning and then AFK the rest of the trip. This made the game much less interesting than it had potential to be. Also, the trip to the moon wasn't really 3000 units, but more like 2900 units.

I echo what some of the others are saying in the comments, that the upgrades need some balancing. They should get more expensive on each level, so the player is more inclined to spend their upgrades in many places simultaneously. For me, I just went with launch speed, then fuel consumption, and then fuel capacity. Nothing else was needed. Also, not sure if launch speed did anything, but I wanted to max it out because I wanted to see the speed. :D

I'm sure if you take the time to add a lot more polish like randomized asteroid spawns and maybe some dialogue while you're flying, the game could flourish!

I'm impressed you made this in 16 hours. It's not that fun to play at the moment, but the concept of making the controls difficult with a fighter character is interesting. Keep it up and you might make something fun and very unique!

Good use of visual effects. The game feels good to play thanks to the polished visuals and sounds, and it makes me want to go for another round each time!

Amazing, the mechanics felt good, music and ambient was soothing, and the graphics were candy for the eyes. Please make more!

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Quite a good little game! It was simple and short, but enjoyable while it lasted. Only thing I would add is of course sound, and a bit of music. You could even sell it on the mobile app store then! (with some extra cosmetics ofc)

That's a cool one. Really thematic, on top of which the art and sound hit it perfectly. Feels kind of like rhythm game even!

Well, that was quite a chill experience while sipping glögg. Enjoyed it quite a lot! Only gripe I have is that there are not tires in the beginning. As if the game was trying to drag on. But overall, it was not that long so that's just nitpicking. :)

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Fine idea, but needs a lot more polish. Especially on the physics side. I got bored pretty fast because the physics were annoying to fight against and there's a high risk of falling down over and over again.
Screen shake and snappier physics would go a long way.

Hello StewieLewi, and thanks for the feedback! 

These are all things I intend to improve for the next version of the game. As is stated in the description, I didn't quite have enough time to get the level together and test it. I think I designed and created the level in 30 minutes or so, hehe. There is also no real ending to the game, but the goal is to get to the red slime with both of your slimes. I will add an ending message or a little ending animation in the next version of the game.

You can switch between slimes with SHIFT (not F like was written in the description earlier). I had made a slight mistake when writing the controls down into the description (due to lack of sleep I guess ;D), but it is fixed now. Also, the slime you control is always highlighted with a white outline to make it easy to see which slime you are currently controlling.

I had a list of things I wanted in, which I listed in the description. One of these was to fully implement the link as I designed it. It's supposed to keep both of your slimes moving as it will start breaking and dealing damage when the slimes get too far apart.

The cannon in the start was a quick idea I had to compensate for the lack of a functional link. It would make it so you have to move the green to safety and only then you could switch to control the blue one. I now see that this idea does not work as there is several other safe spots in the level and this only hurts the player experience. I hope to improve on this when I design the levels for the next version of the game with the above mentioned spirit link.

If you don't mind me asking, what specific jumps in the level were difficult to make? (just to avoid making them in the future ;) )

Thanks for playing! Much appreciated! =)

Make sure the object has a starting scale of 1 in xyz. Then you should be able to scale it with gameObject.transform.localScale += new Vector3(1, 0, 1); for example. If the collider is still destroyed, could you explain what exactly happens when you scale the player?

I could test your game! HTC Vive is the one I use. Currently starting to study VR games as well. :)

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I'm also looking for a team and can do programming and pixel art. Had a great game jam last spring and want to get back in to the action with some new people! ^^ EDIT: Found a team.

I do programming and just finished my first pixel art project. Would love to experience this next project in a team! ^^

Discord - Messicano #1270

Are you serious? You made this with your own custom engine? That's so cool! The visuals and audio were great to look at / listen to, and the gravity mechanic was so fun to play with! Great game, you have talent. =)

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This was fun! The movement, wall jumping, swordplay and dash / time mechanics were a blast to play with. Would definitely play more of this if the game ever got more levels and enemies. =)

Fun! Challenging, but also rewarding! The sense of speed was simply amazing, and the music was a blast to listen to. Would play more if the game ever got more levels and mechanics. =)

Fun! Challenging, but also rewarding! The sense of speed was simply amazing, and the music was a blast to listen to. Would play more if the game ever got more levels and mechanics. =)

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Good stuff! I managed to break the Flappy Bird machine tho. :(  And couldn't beat Tetris. :D
BUGS: Flappy Bird broke after first playing. After I switched games for a moment, the game just ate 1 of my coins and threw me into the game ended screen, where I could only to go back to the game room.
Also, in the racing game I got stuck into 1 of the fences. I tried getting out by using the reset button, but it just glitched me in even further. Eventually, it kicked me through the fence to the other side and I had some fun driving on the hills, so np. :D (Had to exit to the game room afterwards, though)

Solid controls, solid difficulty, solid game!

I liked it! Could have been even better if the orbs would have better indication on which order they spawn in so the player can play through the game without failing constantly. Otherwise, well done!