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Def good input. This was adapted from a real wood-and-paint board game I made about a decade ago, which accounts for its strengths and weaknesses, I feel. If played in real life, a match or two, like with checkers, would be a nice enough game to play over some coffee every now and again. As a video game, it doesn't quite have those surprises and random elements that might keep you coming back, it's true. There is something more that probably could have been added during the translation between mediums, fo sho. I've been keeping it in mind for future projects. Thanks for the feedback. :)

Incredible, I've never heard of this before! You're an expert bug catcher!

Luckily the Third Warp is nothing but a convenience. It doesn't give you any advantages other than saving you time walking up and down the corridor of life. I don't have any plans of reopening the game and doing fixes at this moment, but I've made a note of this, so if I do go back in for some bug fixes, this will be at the top of the pile.

Thanks for reporting! Hope you liked it!

Great game! Love the balancing and clever theming. I've only played it as 2 but feels like it'd be wonderful with more, and with the Vocations.

The Last Turn section of the rules clarifications refers to the Coziest even though the options call it the Plush. There's also a typo or two in the larger text but nothing confusing. Great work!

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Could you tell me which version you're playing? (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.) I think I might have a fix already that just needs ushered out.


If Linux is having trouble launching because of font issues, try to "Set Launch Options..." as:

mkdir fonts; echo '<fontconfig><dir>/usr/share/fonts</dir><cachedir>fonts</cachedir></fontconfig>' >fonts/fonts.conf; FONTCONFIG_PATH=fonts ./nw # %command%

Mm, yeah, the game lacks options, definitely true. But if you press ALT+ENTER (or whatever the Mac equivalent is) it should toggle full screen. But to QUIT the game you should go to the Save Point like a super old-school RPG. The options to Save, Load, and Quit should be there. :)

I hope you enjoy it, and let me know if something breaks down along the way. ;P

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Hey, Gozaimasu!
There actually is a Mac version for Steam, but since the game was made so long ago and Mac ports aren't something I handle myself, it hasn't been tested on Itch. I'll go ahead and upload the Mac version for you and we can hope for the best.

If you end up trying it out, go ahead and let me now if it works out. :)


You've already beaten the game so maybe it no longer applies, but just to let you know the newest version should no longer have this problem. Thanks again. :)

Just popping in to let you know this bug should be fixed now. :) *crosses fingers*

Great, thanks for the help. :)

Thanks for the extra info!

Do you know which version of the game you're using? Like, which file you downloaded to play?



If you're downloading the file you might encounter a bug upon loading.


Instead download Last Word (D22-M03-Y2020). The only difference between them should be the save file location. This file should work, but let me know if it doesn't.


The simple answer is that the engine being used is a bit old.

The long answer is that the game, by default, saves files in the same folder that the game executes from. This means that if I use Butler to update Last Word onto ITCH, the save files will be overwritten upon update, possibly erasing the save data from older players. To fix this, I rewrote a script that attempts to create a new save location external from the Last Word files. However, this doesn't always work with every computer, and until I can find a full functional workaround, there are multiple files that can be downloaded. Sorry about that.

Please let me know if there are any more issues with this even after using the alternate downloads.

No difference in gameplay whatsoever!

The only difference is that your save file will be inside of the Last Word game folder, whereas the previous version you tried attempts to create an external folder (which creates errors on certain computers). I'll make a post about it.

Thanks a lot for the confirmation. :)

Could you try one of the older versions? I believe the only real difference is this bug, and if that's true, I might have an idea of what to do.

Sorry for the late reply on this, for some reason this got lost in my notifications.

Is there a specific version of the file that you're downloading? And what operating system are you using?

It looks like the game is trying to create a save file path and for some reason isn't able to. I'll look into it and see what I can do.

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Great, thanks, I'm looking into it. :)

If you want to send a copy of your save file to for testing, that would help.

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Are you playing on Windows or Linux?

Great catch, thanks for reporting. I'll look into it and fix it ASAP. 

For what it's worth, you don't need to accuse Seymour to finish the game.

and definitely also

Hey, BADWXLF! Sorry for the late reply.

There was a sequel planned on paper, but unfortunately we haven't garnered enough sales to warrant focusing on one. Maybe one day! But as of right now, nothing is going forward.

This should be available on the app now, but it'll have a new save location in your AppData folder.  :)

Hahaha! Ya caught me, I definitely have a selection of custom SFX I like to reuse.

Glad you like it. :)

I always offer RevShare when hiring, but I gotta say, almost no one takes that deal. Maybe a simple one-time contracting payment seems more secure or something. But maybe I'll poke around again when I get some funds and see if I can make it happen. :)

Thanks for the compliment!

I had spent a couple of months working on an Android version but never managed to optimize ECON into an acceptable form worth launching. If the game ever makes enough money for me to hire a professional Android porter I'd love to do so, but right now it's not financially viable. I'll keep my fingers crossed, though!

Hey, Kharma! I think it's a little trickier than that but heck, why not? I'll try to do it today if I can manage. Thanks for the suggestions! :)

It should be fixed! I sent you an email with an updated save file, too. :)

Could you send me a copy of your save file at please? I wanna catch the bug in action! XD


This bug SHOULD be fixed in the latest version for Windows. All you need to do is download the newest version and move your save file from one folder to the other.

Let me know if that works!

Hey, folks!

Here are some of the controls for the game and some tips!


Move = Arrows
Confirm = Enter
Cancel/Menu = ESC

Fullscreen = ALT+Enter
Configurations = F1

If you want to use a controller you can, just be sure to remap by pressing F1.


-There are some missable conversations and moments spread throughout the five chapters, so be sure you've done everything before moving forward with the plot.
-The world of the game focuses on power through conversation in every way except the words themselves. If you're interested in more of how this works in real life, I encourage you to check out Foucauldian Discourse Analysis.
-Seymour will level up even when you aren't fighting him, but only YOU can encourage him to reach his full potential.
-Talk to the cat to purchase more BOWS!
-Even though there's a New Game+, it's not required to get everything in the game.
-In order to access New Game+ you need to beat the game and then choose it from the main menu. If you restart Last Word and New Game+ isn't an option, you can beat the game again quickly by walking off the property as seen in this spoiler video.

Beautiful. :)

Hey, everyone! Thanks for dropping by. Grab a seat. Have some juice. Relaaaaaax~

This is the designated spot for bugs and issues! If you find them, or have any other problems, please let me know! Thanks in advance. :)

Fleuret Blanc is an older game made on an even older system. It has bugs. It has compatibility issues. And it has a taste for blood, like we all secretly do.

If you bump into a particularly game-breaking bug, or just a common nuisance, let me know! I don't have full support running 24/7 for this game, but it IS a darling of mine and I'd like to keep it presentable.

Thanks for your patience and support!

Hey, everyone!

Some computers are having an issue installing the game. Until I can figure out how to solve this, here is a way to play the game without using the installer!

01. Download the file Social Caterpillar (No Installer).rar
02. Unpack the Social Caterpillar anywhere you like
03. Open the Social Caterpillar main file, then open the Font file
04. See the PF Tempesta Seven font? Add that to the main Fonts folder on your computer
          (If you already have this font installed, don't worry about this part.)
05. Execute the Game.exe (or simply Game) icon within the main folder

Sorry if this was a hassle! Enjoy!