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Sophisticated RPG mystery where methods of discourse hold secret power · By Merlandese

App compatible?

A topic by KharmaScribbles created Mar 24, 2020 Views: 116 Replies: 3
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Can you please make it so this game can be downloaded via th app.. I'm not sure how that's done but I think it's  a matter of checking a box. :)


Hey, Kharma! I think it's a little trickier than that but heck, why not? I'll try to do it today if I can manage. Thanks for the suggestions! :)


This should be available on the app now, but it'll have a new save location in your AppData folder.  :)

Thank you!! It really means a lot when a developer supports  just one voice from the fan base!

Keeping all my itch games managed via the itch app is important to me, and helps me keep better track of my game collection.  Steam, Epic, Uplay,, Twitch, Origin, EA/Xbox, GOG, and itch are ALL the game services I use.. Having everything installed the same way depending on it's source platform makes managing game files so much easier!

*I should note that when I go to play/launch my games, I use the Playnite Universal Game Launcher.. similar to GOG Galaxy I guess that every single game from ANYWHERE, installed or sitting portable on your machine is collected and displayed as if it's one huge game library and all I need to do is click a game and Playnite takes care of using whatever launcher is needed in the background! Highly recommend over GOG Galaxy or Steam Launcher because it's open and customizable ;)