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Social Caterpillar

Puzzle diorama exploring Introversion and Abstracted Social Interactions · By Merlandese

INSTALLER ERROR? Look no further! Sticky

A topic by Merlandese created Jun 30, 2017 Views: 304
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Hey, everyone!

Some computers are having an issue installing the game. Until I can figure out how to solve this, here is a way to play the game without using the installer!

01. Download the file Social Caterpillar (No Installer).rar
02. Unpack the Social Caterpillar anywhere you like
03. Open the Social Caterpillar main file, then open the Font file
04. See the PF Tempesta Seven font? Add that to the main Fonts folder on your computer
          (If you already have this font installed, don't worry about this part.)
05. Execute the Game.exe (or simply Game) icon within the main folder

Sorry if this was a hassle! Enjoy!