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A member registered Jul 13, 2017

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they released it... on steam... I guess they abandoned this site since they didnt cared about telling us about update delay in the first place... then they release the patch on steam not here... so not so ,,good job developers''

Good job developers ? there was no update yet and they didnt even post info about it in here, someone had to translate the comment made on steam greenlight to know they had to postpone the update. If not that guy, we wouldn't even know that the update will not be here as planned

I didn't notice any new downloads is the update in ?

well at least the devs are responding to our questions...

is the update already in? didnt notice anything

Awesome! Looking forward to playing later today!

yea I was playing just now and to have a lid crate you have to put just anything in the crate. You put just 1 single ore and then option to left click to close the lid appears. Anyway the horse is still so bugged, after riding it with 3 boxes of ore getting back to my house I flew into the sky and when pressed right click I was halfway in the ground. Tried saving and loading back so maybe it would be fixed but no... Now I have to start the game over again.

well first of all I had to start a new game coz the weapons I made before the update were useless, no one wanted to buy them. My horse was no where to be found and I couldnt see any crates with lids anywhere. I started new game, got my horse back but still don't have a clue where to gate those lid crates. Could you guys tell me ?

awsome ! the invisible enemy ai at camp D no longer happens so I was able to own that place ! but also a weird happened instead... I could not open the ,,packages'' the boxes with loot on camp D

I saw your game on steam greenlight, what happened ? Will your game be available on steam ?

Do you have any plans on adding new things to craft/ build / gather ? any new weapons ?

Could you just tell me one more thing ? What we will see in the next updates ? Thank you very much for answering so fast, I gotta say the way you are constantly talking to ppl in every single one of the topics is a really awesome thing! I myself am not really a big fan of early access type of gaming, that is why I am asking you all those questions you know. I wanna make sure this is a game for me before buying it. I try to make as much research possible before making a decision, I'm just like that about everything so I hope you don't mind me asking all these questions. Keep up the good work and thank you !

Hello, I've been reading here and there about this game. For example I've read on steam greenlight that you are taking some inspirations from far cry 3 , medieval engineers and minecraft, All I wanted to ask is : What is your main goal ? What kind of new development we will see in this game ? is your main focus on pve or pvp ? will this game be some sort of combination of those 3 games where as we can see on screenshots we can build our own base, survive by hunting animals, growing some fruits and also raid nearby enemy ai camps ?

Ok it seems I solved this problem for myself by downloading pre updates and the platform update itself for win 7 sp1. Just like you mentioned in one of the other topics about this problem. But I gotta say it should work even without that update since it doesnt change that much, at least from what I've read 

I think about buying this game... I was looking closely to the updates, watching some videos, reading a bit in the topics and now the demo finally allowed me to test this game myself so first of all thank you for that !  I noticed the same bug I saw somewhere, someone mentioning it on one of the posts. The black ground and hills, whole textures are black, house you can build looks fine and so do the trees and metal/stone nodes. The grass you can destroy with rake and water looks normal too its just the ground. 

I also wanted to ask you something, were the crafting possibilities limited in the demo too ? I see on that chart above what was limited and what wasn't but the moment I started playing I noticed on the workbench, crafting table, campfire and the furnace... there was only limited amount of things you could craft in comparison to what I saw on the other  videos.