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Is there update in yet ?

A topic by Memotoshikate created Aug 04, 2017 Views: 711 Replies: 6
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I didn't notice any new downloads is the update in ?

a dev posted in this thread on steam, someone said Aaron deng said there was a problem with the update.  Aaron deng's post on steam link

Alice @306829 development work is also in progress, to postpone for several days to be good. We are short-handed.

^ Developer response translated from Chinese to English

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I mean... They've known how big their team was the whole time, why give a date if they weren't sure they'd make it?

I don't think anyone would fault them for not making the date, but they could at least make an announcement so people know it's not ready and that it will take a few more days.


Couldn't agree more I had to go to steam go through comments and use an online translator to get an answer.  They offer the game in English as well couldn't we get a short message saying this as well. It's now 2 days past the release date.  This is a good way to alienate your ignoring them.

I agree. They should have at least made a post here, at the minimum. Thank you to those who have found the answers via translation. 


Usually, we do get somewhat quiet right before a release, since we're all busy making the game. We're not a big studio, so even the people answering questions are normally working on design, programming, or such and such.