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Build 2.0

A topic by Hideyo created Aug 07, 2017 Views: 437 Replies: 12
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Good Job Developers!


Good job developers ? there was no update yet and they didnt even post info about it in here, someone had to translate the comment made on steam greenlight to know they had to postpone the update. If not that guy, we wouldn't even know that the update will not be here as planned

Check Steam, they just released it.

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There's been information released on the Steam page stating that the new build is available "on the game's page" . I haven't tried downloading the demo from Steam yet. Why there hasn't been an update here I'm not sure.

they released it... on steam... I guess they abandoned this site since they didnt cared about telling us about update delay in the first place... then they release the patch on steam not here... so not so ,,good job developers''

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steam doesn't have a download link I can see, the post about it on steam says download it on the game's page, going to the developers site doesn't have a link to 2.0. Anyone have a direct download link for 2.0? Never mind I found it :)

Steam store page has a "Download Demo" button


It's up here as well, took a while to upload.

Anyone elses Download for 2.0 start, run for a few seconds and then stall out and just sit there?


Do you mean your game crashed?

Nah I mean for some reason I can't even download it I get to about 30 megs and the download itself just stalls out, stops downloading and sits there.

Would anybody happen to know how to load up your saved files from Alpha 1.0 with the new Alpha 2.0? 

the devs stated that we are unable to transfer our 1.0 saves to 2.0, but they have prepared a savefile for us to use if we dont want to start from scratch