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What is your main goal ?

A topic by Memotoshikate created Jul 22, 2017 Views: 323 Replies: 11
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Hello, I've been reading here and there about this game. For example I've read on steam greenlight that you are taking some inspirations from far cry 3 , medieval engineers and minecraft, All I wanted to ask is : What is your main goal ? What kind of new development we will see in this game ? is your main focus on pve or pvp ? will this game be some sort of combination of those 3 games where as we can see on screenshots we can build our own base, survive by hunting animals, growing some fruits and also raid nearby enemy ai camps ?


Hi there.

I personally started developing this game as a personal project, I did not intend to publish it. 

So the targeted audience was my self lol. 

I played alot of Far cry & Medieval engineer (I did not play minecraft but did watch alot of videos)

I wanted to create a mix that I will personally enjoy, wanted to have the FPS style and atmosphere of Far cry and add a building element to it, I really liked Medieval engineer building system when it first started, simple yet allows the player to be creative.

I don't care for graphics, I believe game-play is way more important. If I did I would've used Unreal 4 :P

My goal is to create a simple fun game, not complex, no endless options.

You as a player have one very clear goal in the game; escape the island. To do so you need to survive, how are you going to survive? it up to you.

As a developer I try to make sure you have alot of options to choose from (if you wanted).

for example you can play co-op or multiplayer and let others do the building, hunting, farming and so on.

As for pve or pvp; I wanted to have both, if you're playing alone/offline its pve if you wanted to play pvp you have multiple options:

You can create an online server with the following modes:

Last man standing, Capture the flag, Sandbox and survival.

Sorry for the long post but hope it answered your questions.


Could you just tell me one more thing ? What we will see in the next updates ? Thank you very much for answering so fast, I gotta say the way you are constantly talking to ppl in every single one of the topics is a really awesome thing! I myself am not really a big fan of early access type of gaming, that is why I am asking you all those questions you know. I wanna make sure this is a game for me before buying it. I try to make as much research possible before making a decision, I'm just like that about everything so I hope you don't mind me asking all these questions. Keep up the good work and thank you !


Of-course I don't mind at all, if anything I encourage everyone to do the same. Unfortunately these days early access games have a really bad reputation, so I don't blame you at all. Everyone should research before getting an early access game.

I recommend you try the demo first even if you decided to get the game, just to be extra sure :P.

As for the next update; I'll be fixing more bugs that have been reported here, youtube, community page, official website & mail lol!

Thankfully their getting ALOT less than before, which is great and most of the bugs reported are the same bugs.

Other than fixing bugs, I'm currently trying/testing some things in the building system, if that went well I'll be adding a small feature to placing the foundations while building.

But mainly for the whole project I'd like to do the following:

1-Balance and improve game-play experience 

2-Improve the environment visually

3-Optimize as much as possible in all areas

4-Improve building system

5-Improve AI & Animals

6-Improve Sounds

7-Improve the over all visuals of the character (third person)

And of-course make sure there isn't any bugs.

Other than what I mentioned; is something extra that can be done when the game is no longer in early access.

Right now you can play the game and even finish the game (escape) hopefully with no issues, and you can spend about (at least) +3 hours doing that.

Anywho, I'm more than happy to answer any questions so please feel free to ask :)

Thanks again, cheers!

What are your plans for EXP? We gain exp now for doing almost everthing, so do you intend to have a character leveling system of some sort? Just curious. Love the game you have done a great job so far, keep it up and thanks for the frequent updates!


Hi, EXP is for gaining skill points, you can use the skill points to learn craft-able items blueprints, press 'K' to view the blueprints menu and 'Tab' to view the player stats (including EXP).

Very glad you're enjoying the game and thank you for the feedback and support!

Duhh totally forgot about the skill points, OK that makes more sense to me now. Thanks for the reply!

Do you have any plans on adding new things to craft/ build / gather ? any new weapons ?


It depends really;

for it's current state, the game is barely making half what I pay each month for servers and license (alone).

So my goal right now is to finish what I already have planed so I can take it out of early access, after that it depends if the game is doing/did well enough that I can afford adding the things you mentioned (Which I'd like to do if I can)

As an indie developer who's working full time on this game it is not working for me since im losing money by the hour xD, but I want to make sure that who ever payed for the game gets their money's worth.

Ask me again when I announce that the game is no longer in early access :P


I saw your game on steam greenlight, what happened ? Will your game be available on steam ?

Ya know Ashore what a lot of other game makers do is send out copies to the youtube promoters and let them do a let's play for free maybe give them an incentive to show off your game and see where that takes you that's how I found out about your game, didn't even know it existed till then which says a lot as I am really into games

Will the AI do random attacks on bases? Great game so far!