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Implemented it very early on, I do expect bugs in that area.. 

Already have a few noted down lol.

Will look into!

BTW; add "Game tester" to your CV :P


Hi Noah, lets see...

-Will look into the wolf glitch xD

-Chopping down trees > auto loot sticks sounds like a good idea

-'C' to close the menu (will make it happen)

-Key binding is already implemented (from main menu / pause menu > controls settings)  

-"mining for dayz " glitch (will make sure I fix it)

-Added the animation bug to the list.

-Added a gold storage in update #64 so in the next update; gold will = 0 on respawn!

Regarding the shift button, i'll make sure that happens as well.

As always thank you very much for the active support and reports.

Very helpful,


Replied to Death72 in Game Update #64

No worries, I'll make sure by the next update the bodies stay alot longer.

Thanks alot for the feedback, cheers!

Dont worry about it, post as many as you'd like!

Much appreciated, cheers!

Created a new topic Game Update #64


It depends really;

for it's current state, the game is barely making half what I pay each month for servers and license (alone).

So my goal right now is to finish what I already have planed so I can take it out of early access, after that it depends if the game is doing/did well enough that I can afford adding the things you mentioned (Which I'd like to do if I can)

As an indie developer who's working full time on this game it is not working for me since im losing money by the hour xD, but I want to make sure that who ever payed for the game gets their money's worth.

Ask me again when I announce that the game is no longer in early access :P


Hi, sorry about that.

I'll include an extra check when you first spawn with the next update, hopefully that will solve the bug.


Hi, EXP is for gaining skill points, you can use the skill points to learn craft-able items blueprints, press 'K' to view the blueprints menu and 'Tab' to view the player stats (including EXP).

Very glad you're enjoying the game and thank you for the feedback and support!

Replied to -Maryland- in Eating Bug

Ofcourse, Thank you for letting me know.


Of-course I don't mind at all, if anything I encourage everyone to do the same. Unfortunately these days early access games have a really bad reputation, so I don't blame you at all. Everyone should research before getting an early access game.

I recommend you try the demo first even if you decided to get the game, just to be extra sure :P.

As for the next update; I'll be fixing more bugs that have been reported here, youtube, community page, official website & mail lol!

Thankfully their getting ALOT less than before, which is great and most of the bugs reported are the same bugs.

Other than fixing bugs, I'm currently trying/testing some things in the building system, if that went well I'll be adding a small feature to placing the foundations while building.

But mainly for the whole project I'd like to do the following:

1-Balance and improve game-play experience 

2-Improve the environment visually

3-Optimize as much as possible in all areas

4-Improve building system

5-Improve AI & Animals

6-Improve Sounds

7-Improve the over all visuals of the character (third person)

And of-course make sure there isn't any bugs.

Other than what I mentioned; is something extra that can be done when the game is no longer in early access.

Right now you can play the game and even finish the game (escape) hopefully with no issues, and you can spend about (at least) +3 hours doing that.

Anywho, I'm more than happy to answer any questions so please feel free to ask :)

Thanks again, cheers!

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Hi, its not bug.

Lol! I agree, will play with the hunger values abit.


Hi there.

I personally started developing this game as a personal project, I did not intend to publish it. 

So the targeted audience was my self lol. 

I played alot of Far cry & Medieval engineer (I did not play minecraft but did watch alot of videos)

I wanted to create a mix that I will personally enjoy, wanted to have the FPS style and atmosphere of Far cry and add a building element to it, I really liked Medieval engineer building system when it first started, simple yet allows the player to be creative.

I don't care for graphics, I believe game-play is way more important. If I did I would've used Unreal 4 :P

My goal is to create a simple fun game, not complex, no endless options.

You as a player have one very clear goal in the game; escape the island. To do so you need to survive, how are you going to survive? it up to you.

As a developer I try to make sure you have alot of options to choose from (if you wanted).

for example you can play co-op or multiplayer and let others do the building, hunting, farming and so on.

As for pve or pvp; I wanted to have both, if you're playing alone/offline its pve if you wanted to play pvp you have multiple options:

You can create an online server with the following modes:

Last man standing, Capture the flag, Sandbox and survival.

Sorry for the long post but hope it answered your questions.


Posted in update

The itch.io app will do that for you. 


Replied to Death72 in update

Correct thanks

xD sorry about that.


Replied to Death72 in Game Update #63

Thanks for letting me know, I'll make sure I improve it.


Not sure how to feel about that xD


Created a new topic Game Update #63


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Hi! Everything is the same expect for the things I mentioned in the chart, as for seeing certain items;

There's 3 ways to craft items:

1-Player crafting menu: craft very simple items

2-Crafting table menu: mainly to build better tools and a workbench

3-Workbench menu: craft more advanced items (Requires blueprints)

Regarding the terrain texture; it is something that I'm still waiting for a fix my self, hopefully I'll be able to find something as soon as possible.

Sorry about that, I'll make sure I post about it when I manage to fix it.

Thank you for the comment + feedback!

Posted in Can't play

Hi, sorry you're going through this.

Can you remember what you did differently when it finally loaded?

Also are you launching the game from the itch.io app?

Either way a small update coming tomorrow that has some improvements to the loading, hopefully it'll fix your issue.

Sorry again. 

Created a new topic Demo version is up!

Hi everyone,

A (free) demo version of the game has been added.

(Alpha v:1.8.8)

I recommend trying the demo before purchasing the game; to at least make sure it runs without any issues.

The difference:

Hi very glad you're enjoying the game!

Thank you for the feedback and report, will add it to the list.

Thanks again cheers!

Replied to Luna in FPS Drop :/
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I'll send itch an email regarding this issue, hopefully its quick fix.

Thank you, cheers!

I'll definitely make sure I thank you in the next update blog lol!

Thanks alot for the kind offer i'll keep it mind & thanks for the active support  & feedback.

PS: When you re position the flag it removes the spawn point

(To avoid teleportation exploit)

Extremely helpful! Thanks alot Noah I appreciate it!

I'll be adding that to the list.


Posted in FPS Drop :/


Since you loaded it from itch.io it might of changed all the settings to default (including the graphics quality)

If that did not help, when you open itch.io software try launching the game from the game folder instead of pressing the Launch button in itch app.

You can open the executable folder by pressing the "Show local files" under the launch button (In the itch app), try it from there it might work?

Hope it works out, if not please let me know. I'll be looking into it anyways.

Sorry about that.


Posted in threat

Of course! and thank you for letting me know.

Very glad you're enjoying it!

Thanks for the support!


Hi, it should automatically update.

Another way: Please check step 3 in this link:



Turns out the fire-pit and furnaces already had light but disabled (I believe I did that long time ago to save on performance lol).

Thanks for suggesting that idea!

Glad you think so!!


Very glad you're enjoying the game, thank you for the feedback and support!



The terrain thats currently in Ashore has tessellation:

The rocks in that picture are fake, without the tessellation it'll be just a flat surface, thats why you might see animals or items go inside the terrain instead of above.

Another example:

Anyways I do plan on improving or even completely redoing the island in the future (once I made sure everything else is working fine).


No worries, All feedback is welcome!

I'll be uploading an update today which will fix/have few of the things you mentioned.

To answer the question regarding the spawn point, you'll have to craft a Flag and place it where ever you want.

You can use it as a spawn point and/or to place an icon on your map (And others if in multiplayer) 

Thanks again!

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Hello everyone!

*[DEMO details at the end of the post]*

Recently I have received  a couple of reports about the (Black terrain) - (No textures on terrain) issue;

Why does it happen?

Due to using a custom shader to render the texture of the terrain, it appears that some video cards are unable to render it (not sure why) and that's why the terrain would result fully black.

Why not fix it?

I have been trying to fix this issue for about 3 months, when ever I get any new changes regarding the issue (Tool updates, assets update, etc)

I try again with no luck. I did not make the painting tool/Shader myself so I'm unable to do any changes to the tool other than try different settings which I did;

I purchased it from the Unity asset store, and have contacted the developers who made the tool and have tried to fix it with no luck.

Why don't you change the shader then?

Short answer: I'll have to re-do the whole island, it'll take a long time.

Long answer: I have sculpted the island (6 Terrains - 500x500 each) & painted it manually by hand(mouse), so its not generated+painted by code. All the stone, metal and trees have been placed manually as well. It'll take me a long time to re-do all this process again.

The main reason is, the shader i'm using has something called  "Tessellation" and it basically makes the texture's depth/pumps 3D instead of 2D, it improves the visuals ALOT.

Example of tessellation :

Tessellation example

(Image from carriewarwick.wordpress)

So repainting the whole terrain would take a long time and will look worse (IMO).

Regarding the Demo:

I was planing to make a demo after I finished more things in the game but due to the amount of reports I changed my mind;

I'm currently working on a demo version, it'll go up in a few days, i'll make sure I finish and upload it this week.

The demo will be:

-Single-player (Offline)

-Animals only, no AI (Rebels)

-Smaller island 500x500 instead of 3000x3000

Mainly to test the game before buying it.

If you're unsure about the game's system required specs I would recommend waiting for the demo before purchasing the game.

Thanks everyone for support, feedback and comments.

PS: if you're unhappy with the game for any reason please do contact me via the contact form here: https://www.ashore-game.com/contact for refunds or anything else.

Posted in threat

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience.

Have you tried downloading it through the itch.io software? it's just like steam. I would recommend using it since it handles everything for you including updates.
As for it being a threat, it shouldn't be I'm not sure why it would state that, I'll double check it again.

Can you please tell me where/when does it say "can not run site error"?

Hi Noah, Wow! and its only round 1! Haha.

Awesome! thank you very much!

I'm currently working on an update that I'm trying to upload as soon as possible (Hopefully tomorrow), the update focuses on moving the items from one place to another much much quicker. 

For example: move items from inventory to storage with one click, and the other way around, replace and switch items from inventory to the hotbar/quick selection.

I'll go through all the ideas/bugs you mentioned and will see if am able to add them with the next update(1.8.8), other wise it'll be in 1.8.9.

Thanks again, cheers!

Replied to noahphense in Bug Reports

Ofcourse, please feel free to post anything you'd like!

Yes you're correct the smelting process has been removed, its useless so there is no reason for it to stay.

Awesome! hope you enjoy the new updates,


Created a new topic Game Update #61


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Hey, for now its fine here or at: https://www.ashore-game.com/report

Will make sure I answer every report on both places, so whichever is easier for you :)