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Hi, to escape; make sure you're very close to any water surface then aim at the water, once you aim an option should appear on the screen, if it's still not appearing;

try reloading the save.

Check out the following link: (GIF image)

You can read more at (blog): https://www.ashore-game.com/single-post/2017/05/29/Update-50-Survival-Ending-Part-33

Or by pressing 'F2' in the game to access the game guide > escape (it explains step by step how to escape).


Hi! to craft the engine(blueprint) parts you need :

Aluminum resources

Which can be found in packages located at all the rebel bases.

Once looted, you can find it under "Parts" category in your inventory.


You can read more at (blog): https://www.ashore-game.com/single-post/2017/05/26/Update-48-Survival-Ending-Par...

Or by pressing 'F2' in the game to access the game guide > escape (it explains step by step how to escape).


Let me know if you need anything, cheers!

Hi Brandon!

Really sorry about the reset bug!!

It seems like there's a bug when joining the server that causes it (not) to load your 'user data' which = 0 everything, the hot bar items are a separate data loading process so that's probably why you get a few items there.

Keep in-mind changing your character can also reset your data when you join a server.

I did notice you saved on the same file after the bug happend so unfortunately you might of lost your data, i'll make sure I fix this bug first thing,

Unfortunately Co-op/Multiplayer is really hard to debug and find/discover bugs for me cause the only way to do it, is to run two games & play on both at the same time lol.

Again very sorry about the annoying bug, and thank you very much for all the feedback and suggestions, much appreciated!

Looking forward to the next video, cheers!

Hi Voltage! 

Just saw the video, it seems like a connection bug. Since you're the host of the server your data is loading with no issue & when Brandon joins his data is not loading correctly due to the bug; the server does not start the 'user data' loading for his character hence the 0 skills, 0 gold, etc...

+To clarify what I meant by "my current state" I'm having few issues with Unity the game engine; the water & sky assets are no longer compatible with the newer version of the engine, due to the new changes caused by the new updates I'm forced to re-do alot of major things in the game just to keep it how it was before lol, and with work I barely have enough time to work on the game.

Not excuses but thought I'd share, thank you very much for all the feedback and suggestions you mentioned in your videos, all have been written down, looking forward to the next video! (hopefully with less bugs this time!)

Posted in Series Episode3

Enjoying the series, thanks for sharing!

Great video! you guys are quick!

Watched  brandon's video as well.

Looking forward to part 2, cheers!!

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Of-course why not!

Very kind of you, thank you very much I really appreciate it!

All the best with your streams & videos!


Don't apologize! Thank you very much for all the kind words, feedback and suggestions! I really appreciate it!

I have wrote down all the bugs (Thank you for reporting)

I have also wrote down all the suggestions, will see how can I add/have it in the game!

I'm very glad you're enjoying the game, that's the main goal for me! regarding the price, I have learned so much doing this game so as of now I would like to have as many players as I can (Hopefully) enjoy the game at least for this title thats the primary goal.

Thanks for taking the time to write this review, please feel free to post any time if you have a suggestion/report/feedback (Any & all are welcome)


Hi there, very glad you're enjoying the game.

I'll definitely check the video out!

This game is a personal project that I'v been working on (alone) for the past year, I intended to release the game for free however to keep the online servers running, I must pay a fee each month (rental costs) and thats why its not F2P.

Updates for the game will be somewhat slow due to my current state, however I still welcome any and all feedback!

The game can be completed (hopefully with no issues) so I hope you enjoy the game!


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Hi, sorry about that.

I'm not sure why would that happen but i'll look into it, if I found a solution i'll update the demo version files.

Sorry again!

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Hi, yes game runs on windows 10. I do suggest trying the free demo first just in-case!

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Hi, Yes the Ashore.exe file you're trying to run needs to be in the same folder as the Ashore_data folder.

After you extracted the files; did you by any chance drag one of the two files to the desktop or somewhere else?

If its still not working after placing them together, delete and re-extract the files and before changing the place try running the game.

Good luck!

Posted in Must buy

Thank you very much for the feedback & support!

Glad you enjoyed the game, cheers!

Awesome, hope it works!

& Thank you, very glad you like it!



Make sure you're  very close to the water, if it's still not appearing;

try reloading the save.

Check out the following link: (GIF image)


Added both to the list!

Regarding the next update (1.9.8) it might be awhile (hopefully some time mid September).

Trying to make a few big changes in the game; currently looking into new water system, new world (Terrain + vegetation) and Third person animations.

Hoping the transition will be smooth (will have to change & do alot of things that takes time) however if I felt i'll take longer than a month i'll go back to 1.9.7 & continue normally from there, leave the big changes for a major update later on maybe 2.0.0? we'll see!

Thank you for the bug report and the sign idea (Will include both in the next update).


Added! thanks very much!


Hmmm... I don't see why not.............................

I'll definitely look into it, thank you very much!  

Good eye! You're correct, the way its currently done is save by date only no time. 

I was going to add the time to the save for more accurate sorting but unfortunately that will mess up everyone's save files next time they try to load.

I have the code ready but I decided to wait until I do a major update or when I figure out a way to load old saves with no time.

Thanks very much for reporting!



Created a new topic Game Update #71

Another quick update today:


Hi, it is intended to be that way (to save you time) but since it seems like a bug; I'll consider it a bug and change it.

I'll separate it from each other, more loot for the player!

Thank you.

(Edited 1 time)


Its related to the player's physics calculations; I increased the value to improve walking up the stairs.

So it basically has to do with the the player's steps, if I set the value too high it'll start climbing up walls as if its a stairs's step.

I'll have to test different values and see what works best, or I might change all the stairs collision boxes. We'll see :p

Created a new topic Game Update #70

Quick Update:


xD amazing!

Sorry for the inconvenience!

(Edited 2 times)


I edit the launcher GUI to disable the input (Keys binding) change from the launcher menu. That might be why its triggered.

Cant think of any other reason, I also scan the folder before uploading it

Hi, the application launcher is built using Unity 5 so there is no viruses of any kind,

Question; are you using the itch.io app?

(Edited 1 time)


Yes yes! You can remove it

Will add a check, thank you very much!



-Will look into the position of the "Upgrade" Button

-I'll try to do the animal stun idea

-Will change the names to shutters and will include a  snapping function to the windows

(Thank you for including links/references)

-Electronics: I'll do an update later that focuses on electronics only (More items + probably more new functionalities as well) so its up to you if you want to wait until then? 100% up to you (Just saying :P)

As for the first point (Screen shots) I will try to add a screen shot function ('F10' or 'F12' keys) and i'll try to have a key for screen shot with the GUI and maybe a key for screen shot without the GUI? Will see if i'm able to include this feature with 1.9.6.

Everything else will be included in the next update.

As always thank you very much for taking the time to report, I plan to add a new NPC in future updates and I might name him Noah (I will) :P


Will include a fix in with the next update, thanks very much!!


Awesome! Please share the link with us if you uploaded a video!

I streamed twice in the past year xD.

Youtube, channel:  Ashore.

If I felt like it and had an idea for a building/Base, I try to do a live stream. But that rarely happens, I use all my free time to work on the game :p