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Game Update #71 Sticky

A topic by Ashore created Aug 18, 2017 Views: 1,061 Replies: 9
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Another quick update today:

Very nice! .. time to play




Has this game stopped with updates?

the game is finished ,the dev is going to work on bug fix for multiplayer

if they do update the game with a big update will you start a new series


I bought this game today will this game come ever on steam?


Unfortunately the game was in the steam Greenlight system but did not get picked up, & afterwords my submission for steam direct was not approved.

It's an indie game made by one person (myself) and allowed me to share it here, steam were a plus but not promised.

I hope you enjoy the game, thank you very much.


so this is considered a complete game? no offence it just feels incomplete i still like it tho and its not like i can un own it lol good buy in my opinion but i had hoped my money went to further dev seems it did not. whats the scoop on that did you go onto any other projects?


so does this still get updated or worked on ? or is it as it now ?