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If you have read the notes. He’s keeping the game updated on both platforms. 

Congrats on moving into Steam Steve!  Excited that you are still developing MB.  Cheers

- np

Great game, enjoyed it very much.

Excellent, I would like to remove this game from my itch account, and have it on Steam.  Let me know what you need from me to make this happen.  Cheers!  I will spread the word to the GameEdged Community as well.


Love it, I have passed the Steam info off into the GameEdged community.  When you have an official date, I will alert them to that as well.  Along with any information regarding the Steam-Keys..


Excellent. Keep up the great work on 'moving it forward' ..


Very kewl and congrats on getting it over to Steam.  I am assuming that you will be passing out Steam keys for everyone that already owns the game?

Can't wait to try out the new update.


No worries on updates.  I will play as normal and keep track of bugs.  You focus on the bigger things..   When I start digging into the electrical, I will have quite a bit for you, 'no offense'  ;) .. 

Ashore - alpha v1.9.7

 ☐ (idea / sign) when you edit a sign, have it remember the text that was there before, not wipe and start new

 ☐ (bug) light, aka torches, seems to be bleeding through the walls in this version, I think you had it fixed in 1.9.5 ..

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Arrows that are shot and in the ground or tree, or where ever ..  normally, I think you have a "despawn timer" on them.  BUT, if I save my game before your 'despawn timer' runs out .. then the arrows will stay forever.. (pic) .. this picture was taken with the following steps:

Shot some arrows into the ground.

Saved the game.

Exits the game all the way.

Came back into the game and loaded the save.

Played for 30 minutes.

Came back to check my arrows.

Yup.  Still there.

#killdespawntimer -- bababooey


I don't know your current algorithm for sorting.  But what if you used the actual date & time stamps from the saved files?  Is there a real need to store the date and times "inside" the file?


Ashore community · Created a new topic Saved Game Sorting

I see that in your pic, they are sorting by date, but not by time.  Meaning that you saved "Test1", came back and saved "Test22222222".  So if there are 12 saves for that day, then the latest one will be at the bottom.  See pic #2.

In my pic shows it a little better.  As I number my saves in order.  What about sorting by date & time?  So that the users latest save is at the top?


Very nice! .. time to play

Roger that.  Seem that the metal stairs don't have a problem anymore.  Just the wooden ones.

Still haven't gotten to play this update much, later today I will.


Sweet update!  I will need to play tonight..   what's this?

1-Player's slope limit value changed (testing)

Very nice update.  Can't wait to try it out.


Yeah, back in the 80s I acquired that name, because in forums, before there were "internet forums" -- There were BBS forums.  Yes, back when a 14.4 dial-up modem was the sh!t.  I would usually need to end my paragraphs with no offense.. 

Always a pleasure.  If you have the video now, I will remove it from my server.


Noah would be kewl...  in case you haven't put it together yet, Noah Phense = "no offense"   ;)

Maybe not even a screenshot key or any of that fancy coding.  Just make another Display type like you have FPS/Survival.  Could call it "Minimal" .. 

The electric, I will start on soon.  That is going to be a big opportunity.

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[temp video removed]


Ashore - alpha v1.9.5 (report 1):

 ☐ Is there a way to take screen shot with out any GUI?

 ☐ the "upgrade panel" for any window-Wall or Door-Wall, is too low.  Can you set it to the same position as the regular wall.

 ☐ (idea - animal stun) when an animal gets hit, they get stunned, for 1 second.. or even 500ms

 ☐ snapping window fence (like how we snap door), while you are at it, you could rename it to "Metal Window".  (maybe later, you make a wooden one)

Regarding naming conventions, not necessary to do it now, but here are 'windows' and 'shutters'.

"Windows" // LINK
"Shutters" // LINK


 ☐ It is hard to get started on this, as with every update, I start a new map.  Maybe I wont do a restart on the next version.

If your consumable inventory is full, you cannot pick up stone, metal, or wood from the ground.


I certainly will.  Check your email from "contact".

That's kewl.  I think I might start making videos of Ashore.

I've already played around a bit with the gif site. Lots of options. I'll have to start using that. 

Oh boy... here we go!  1.9.5

Dude.. shelves, hanging torches, mountable signs.. woot! .. 

When you do add the clock to the GUI, maybe you could make it a toggle under Display in Settings?  Or the easier route would be to set it as a toggle and let the user have a hotkey for it in the Controls menu, like you have the "H" for hide chat..  [maybe "T" for time?]

I realized my last post was a little long winded.  So I am emailing it to you.


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Sall good, wasn't sure if it was a bug or just by design.


EDIT //  didn't know your streamed.  YouTube, Twitch or both?  What's your stream link page?

No rush, pace yourself.


Ashore - alpha v1.9.4 (report 1)

 ☐ (bug - inventory overfilled) if my consumables are full, and I kill some animals, I can overfill my inventory

 ☐ (gui - ammo count, little box near weapon) 4 digits, aka. 1543 (I don't think it's going to fit.) [that's what she said]

 ☐ (bug - blueprints) I learned the metal stairs, saved the game, came back in, needed to learn the metal stairs again.  You can more or less ignore these, or again, put them into a file for when you drill into the bp system.  I will keep adding them as I see them occur.  Just so that they are not lost.

 ☐ (bug - collision(?)) You can run up the stairs with no problem.  Can't walk up metal stairs.  More specifically, you cannot walk directly facing the metal stairs, it will not let you up the stairs.  But if you approach the stairs from an angle, left or right, you can get up the stairs.  To be clear, these are the metal stairs that go from ground plain and connect to a foundation block.

 ☐ (cosmetic) is it possible to allow more chars on the wooden sign?  Seems that there is quite a bit more space on the sign than 7 chars.  Love the font.  What font is that?

 ☐ (idea - storage labeling) for all the OCD folks ..


 ☐ (..) 

..and here's one with nothing above it, yet.

PS -- what are you using for your animated gifs?

It appears that I cannot put down any floors underneath the 3 foundation pieces.  (pics)  If there's no problem with it, you can see by my beautiful design work [grin], that it would be a nice addition.

What's weird is pic #2.  Where it shows that you 'can' put a floor on one of them, if they don't have one above them.





Roger that on the boolean.  Personally, when I code something that is off, I have it in the false state.   // like to keep it real  ;)

LOVE the sleep menu, NICE JOB on that !!

Wow .. incredible update! .. Sheep still giving 1 meat.  Even shows it here on your animated gif.

Going back in to check out the new features.  Love the new graphics.