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​Ashore - alpha v1.9.4 (report 1)

A topic by noahphense created Aug 12, 2017 Views: 63 Replies: 2
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Ashore - alpha v1.9.4 (report 1)

 ☐ (bug - inventory overfilled) if my consumables are full, and I kill some animals, I can overfill my inventory

 ☐ (gui - ammo count, little box near weapon) 4 digits, aka. 1543 (I don't think it's going to fit.) [that's what she said]

 ☐ (bug - blueprints) I learned the metal stairs, saved the game, came back in, needed to learn the metal stairs again.  You can more or less ignore these, or again, put them into a file for when you drill into the bp system.  I will keep adding them as I see them occur.  Just so that they are not lost.

 ☐ (bug - collision(?)) You can run up the stairs with no problem.  Can't walk up metal stairs.  More specifically, you cannot walk directly facing the metal stairs, it will not let you up the stairs.  But if you approach the stairs from an angle, left or right, you can get up the stairs.  To be clear, these are the metal stairs that go from ground plain and connect to a foundation block.

 ☐ (cosmetic) is it possible to allow more chars on the wooden sign?  Seems that there is quite a bit more space on the sign than 7 chars.  Love the font.  What font is that?

 ☐ (idea - storage labeling) for all the OCD folks ..


 ☐ (..) 


I'm planing to redo the whole blueprint system, should not be that hard (hopefully) because every time I fix a related bug I see 10 potential bugs, I'll re-do the whole thing soon.

I'll look into the stairs issue.

I'll add more characters to the sign, the font name is "Eurof36" :)

As for labeling, for now you can use signs. However I plan to add attachable items soon (Lights and Signs)

Will try to upload a quick update today.

Thank you!

No rush, pace yourself.