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Bit of bugs mentioned in this video!

A topic by BrandonGamesYT created Nov 04, 2017 Views: 223 Replies: 2
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First off i want to start by saying that even tho there are bugs i truly do still like the game, but these are kinda bugs that should be addressed soon if possible. Really am excited to see how far this game goes amd the way it will progress! 

Thanks for the feedback!


Hi Brandon!

Really sorry about the reset bug!!

It seems like there's a bug when joining the server that causes it (not) to load your 'user data' which = 0 everything, the hot bar items are a separate data loading process so that's probably why you get a few items there.

Keep in-mind changing your character can also reset your data when you join a server.

I did notice you saved on the same file after the bug happend so unfortunately you might of lost your data, i'll make sure I fix this bug first thing,

Unfortunately Co-op/Multiplayer is really hard to debug and find/discover bugs for me cause the only way to do it, is to run two games & play on both at the same time lol.

Again very sorry about the annoying bug, and thank you very much for all the feedback and suggestions, much appreciated!

Looking forward to the next video, cheers!

this is why I'm glad we are able to do this series together because I assumed coop would be tough to test for one guy so us recording together gives you a chance to see more possible situations that can cause bugs that you may not be able to find trying to play two games yourself.  Glad we can help with this.