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game doesnt launch.  after it extracts everything nothing happens and when you click on launch from itch again it just runs the extraction again

episode 6 in the series

this is why I'm glad we are able to do this series together because I assumed coop would be tough to test for one guy so us recording together gives you a chance to see more possible situations that can cause bugs that you may not be able to find trying to play two games yourself.  Glad we can help with this.

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episode 5 of the series

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lots of bugs in this one

glad your enjoying it np

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episode 3 in our series

Ashore community · Created a new topic Series Episode 2
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heres the second episode for everyone

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heres the start of our series on this game

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dude thank you that saves me so much time cutting pixel by pixel lol highly appreciated

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Would it be possible to get the ashore word from you with no background for a thumbnail if not i understand i can just pull it out of the title screen or something?

also I would say this as a finished product should not be f2p easily worth a 9.99 price tag if the bugs were fixed and a few adjustments that we talk about in the video.  That's all it would need to be worth 9.99 easy, but has the potential to have so much more added to it!

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thanks for the reply very good game for being one person working on it if you decide to work on any projects in the future after ashore I'd be happy to do some videos on the new game either when it comes out or ahead of time just let myself or Brandon know he's the other one in the vids.  I'm a small streamer and youtuber and would live to work with up and coming devs to help promote their content.

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Well worth the $3 even in its current state! Just picked up this game the other day and I love it!  Already recorded 4 episodes for my youtube!  I'll upload the first episode tomorrow and will post the link.  Hope the dev will take the time to watch, as we have a lot of discussion about things we'd love to see, things to improve upon, and we point out any glitches or bugs we encounter.  Would love to work closer with this dev, to promote their content both on stream and youtube!

Loved the concept and cant wait to see more of this game!