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Series Episode 4

A topic by Voltage_MD created Nov 04, 2017 Views: 110 Replies: 1
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lots of bugs in this one


Hi Voltage! 

Just saw the video, it seems like a connection bug. Since you're the host of the server your data is loading with no issue & when Brandon joins his data is not loading correctly due to the bug; the server does not start the 'user data' loading for his character hence the 0 skills, 0 gold, etc...

+To clarify what I meant by "my current state" I'm having few issues with Unity the game engine; the water & sky assets are no longer compatible with the newer version of the engine, due to the new changes caused by the new updates I'm forced to re-do alot of major things in the game just to keep it how it was before lol, and with work I barely have enough time to work on the game.

Not excuses but thought I'd share, thank you very much for all the feedback and suggestions you mentioned in your videos, all have been written down, looking forward to the next video! (hopefully with less bugs this time!)