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Future of this game??

A topic by Toobs created Apr 30, 2018 Views: 466 Replies: 3
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i'd like to buy this but i have a couple questions first...

while survival games like this one can be fun alone in single player mode, ultimately, they get pretty boring playing without others real fast...
so im wondering, do you plan to take this to Steam or another popular platform that will open it up to a much broader community?
and if so, if i were to purchase it here, would i be guaranteed a copy on whatever platform that may be?
also, do you have any plan in place to market this so that a community is built behind the game? 

the game looks really well made, and like you've put a lot of thought and effort into it, unlike most attempts at FPS survival games... i haven't even played it yet myself, have only checked out the media you've provided and can already tell it's quality work... 


Hi, currently the game development is on hold and to be honest I don't think i'll get back to it for a while (due to not having the time).

However the game can be finished at the current state, all the featured systems mentioned at the game page can be used fully with (hopefully) no issues what so ever, also I have done about 71 updates since the release from bug fixes to adding items, features and overall improvements.

(All updates are published in blogs at

What's left is minor things that are mostly have to do with multiplayer features and few bug fixes.

As to the guaranteed copy,   unfortunately I've tried multiple times to set the game on Steam via greenlight system and the steam direct but with no luck (not enough votes and tax issues). 

And 3$ is for only if it were to be on steam it'll be higher (already have 10% to and the 90% for servers fees) so I'm not really making anything as an indie developer :P.

(Not complaining, I made the game for everyone to enjoy and would set it for free if it weren't for the multiplayer servers fees)

I would be happy and glad to share a free key with anyone that would not want to pay / can afford the game,  please   just send me an email via the following contact page (

Thank you very much for the kind words, I'd like to be honest and not make false promises, sorry if my reply was disappointing. 


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ill be purchasing anyway... looks great regardless... 
hopefully one day you pick it back up...

reason iasked about the guaranteed copy though, was because IF it were going to Steam and i would get a key, i was going to pay you $20.00 instead of $3.00...
and i appreciate the honesty and not lying about your project, your reply was not dissapointing, was actually refreshing to see the truth...


You have every right to ask, if anything I've always encouraged it.

I don't intend on sending steam keys to users when I publish it there (because of the price thing).

However many have asked me this question before and I've always replied with: Yes if you email me your account name i'll gladly reply with a free key or two on steam, so you don't have to buy it again.

As much as I appreciate your support, I still would suggest paying 3$ only instead of 20$. Once you're happy and have enjoyed the game and still would like to support it please feel free.

Thank you very much!

Really hope you do enjoy the game, cheers!